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❤ PROS & CONS ❤ Traditional Publishing vs Self Publishing

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▼READ ME▼ Hello dear ones! Are you looking to publishing your story? Not sure if you should submit your work to a publisher or if you should self publish? Not to worry! We’ll talk about everything you need to know about these two options to help you make the right decision for you and your career as an author! Don’t forget to show your support! Please like and subscribe so you won’t miss the fun! Take care & God bless! Xoxo

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T S H I R T S ➳ http://bit.ly/1FJ6cm1
P O S T E R S ➳ http://bit.ly/1IDuPS0

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ImDeku says:

just finished writing another chapter for my series arc on wattpad

dovis99 says:

Oh this cleared things up for me, so if you are busy and have already have a job like me self publishing would be a way to go I guess?

Celica is Best waifu says:

VERY helpful! Thanks!

Maham 341 says:

hello Senpai ! im a big fan of yours. your artwork, story and story telling skills are awesome. Your videos are very motivational and helpful. I have a request, Can you explain how to create the world in your own story , some tips ~ Thank you

Dana Welch says:

I was told once by a traditional y published author that if I self published, that bookstores would not accept or sell my books! Is this really true?

Rhyla Bete says:

May I ask, in what age did you start making your manga?

SatoKazuya says:

I really hope you will publish a video on printing the manga, what company you used or have used.

KitKat creates says:

the part with the schedule and being on time made me laugh so hard milk came out my nose lol

fallout7ify says:

When you published your work, what work did you send? An entire volume? How much work did you send, might I ask

Terrence Spencer says:

Love this video! I self-published my first novel "Strong" and built up a pretty good fan base, not to mention received some good reviews on amazon. I am currently debating whether or not I want to go the traditional publishing route. But after listening to your video and a couple others, it made me think about all the fun I've had creating my first book. I've already submitted to 22 literary agents as of today, yet a apart of me now…wishes I didn't lmao. I know, crazy. Anyways….thanks for the video. And BTW you are WAY too cute!!!

Dartist1c says:

What do you do? Traditional publishing, or Self publishing?

jbxxkxncbx bjbzjxnbx says:

Noooo that Mario sneakers is fire lol

Joe Joseph says:

+My mangaka life
hii Mrs.Lizbeth. I hope u doing gud. I wanted to ask u a question. what paper should we use to do the cover page of our own manga? (not digitally)

Kinky.coily. ஐBeebe ஐ Treeஐ says:

I swear I think god lead me to your page..all your videos are exactly what I need. thank you sooo much. Also can you talk about how you pitch your work, what do u say during a convention.

Ashley Tastic says:

This video was on my bday

dmysterygirl says:


Dr.Tajkera Chowdhury says:

what is mina-san manga called ?

Ogdamastakilla says:

??? no new sneakers

Daniel Elkin says:

I decided that I want to be a pro artist and make manga's that is my dream

jeff Jotter Khalaharie says:

You are so beautiful

Harkhush Sidhu says:

when did you start making manga? Was it in your high school days or later on?

YleTheUnicorn ! says:

The Walking Dead stops you from manga publishing? Because if so I will call the TV programing network and tell them to cancel it AND I'M NOT KIDDING

Agent Nicky says:

I was wondering, what printer do you use? I mean like Createspace or Ingram for your publishing.

Zayallie Manga says:

Fame wasn't even in my mind. I just want to share my story!!! Thank you for the video. ^-^

Butterfly Empress says:

Hi Dear! I've just recently found your wonderful channel and love the videos and tips.
But I have a question that I don't think any of your previous videos covered.

I know with traditional publishers and from reading manga over the years, that publishers generally, require Manga Creators to make each chapter of their mangas between a 11 to 20 page limit (if its weekly) or roughly around 30 to 50 pages (if its monthly)

But if you are going into this as a self publisher, does the number of pages really count? I ask because while I am in the process of creating my own manga series, I am practicing the art by making a sailor moon fan comic. And Act 1 is divided into 4 chapters, but each chapter has different page numbers, like chapter 1 is about 20 pages, ch2 is 14 and ch 3 spans about 30 pages and from how i'm on the last act, i may split ch 4 into 2.

I mean I'm sure it shouldn't matter, as long as the breaks between chapters flows well with the narrative. But a 2nd or 3rd opinion would be nice. ^^

It's All About The Makeup says:

What did you do to publish, and if you self-published, what company did you use? I'm having trouble with figuring out what companies do the thick, shiny pages that graphic novels have, versus the thin small pages in traditional books.

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