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🔴6 Outdated Self Publishing Strategies in 2017

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Find out 6 Outdated Self Publishing Strategies that used to work in years past. Now, these self-publishing practices are a waste of time or worse yet a danger to your business.

In this video, you’ll discover more about:
•Why review swaps on Kindle wasn’t meant to last
•How five-dollar book covers will cause you to go broke
•What you really pay and receive from free book website promotions
•What short-lived method caused Amazon to terminate numerous accounts
•What happens when you manipulate the Amazon KDP system for financial gain

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ElasticGiraffe says:

Just do things the right way the first time. Amazon collects and compares data on absolutely everything, monitoring for unusual patterns. A lot of smart people are seeking out all the ways self-publishers would try to fool their algorithm. Even if a shady tactic works now, Amazon will eventually figure it out and penalize you, so don't risk it.

Also, search results are a zero-sum game. It isn't fair to readers to mislead them with irrelevant content or bogus sales and reviews. It isn't fair to other authors in your niche, who followed Amazon's rules and earned their spot honestly through hard work, to bump them further down the list for no good reason. So don't be a jerk.

It's so much more pleasant to devote your energies to learning and using the system to market your books, rather than trying to outsmart and deceive the platform. 🙂

TheLadyWrites says:

Like Daniel mentioned in the prior comment,

I still get steady results from books I promote on different free or cheap promo sites. Many are now running on the newsletter format, instead of just a website.

My permafrees or temp free for promo use run the gambit of sites regularly and I find steady results when I do that vs when I don't. Investment nominal for steady results works for me. I wouldn't invest hundreds in the results at this junction, however, I am not ready to stop using it since it's still getting some results.

I need to do a more focused test of my new penname. I don't have freebies on that one.

Daniel Morgan says:

I wouldn't completely write off websites that promote free Kindle promotions. I recently tried out Freebooksy and Bookrunes during a free promo period for one of my books and had over three-thousand free downloads.
After the promotion period ended, I must admit that the paid purchase sales didn't increase too much (I'm now only selling on average about five copies a week of that novel). However, my Kindle Unlimited pages read greatly increased after the promo and I am making threefold more profit for that title through pages read than I am through outright sales.
The book I promoted had only been on sale for one week prior to the promotion and had not yet received any reviews. I am personally pretty happy with the results.
My book is fiction, so I can't say what kind of results a non-fiction title would produce. Also, I guess it would only really be profitable for titles that are enrolled in Kindle Select.
But no, I wouldn't write off free e-book promo websites completely.

1lynion says:

I did not realize that amazon is getting money back from those times in the past. Glad you got the sound figured out! I agree that a cover makes a big difference!

Monique Joiner-Siedlak says:

I love Chris Fox. He's the reason I went back to writing!!!!! I hope I'm home then.

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