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$0 to $20K PROFIT per Month with Kindle Publishing – Self-Publishing Success Stories Series

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Jane is a single mom of five children who lives in Michigan who was a student in my ebook publishing program 2 years ago and consistently earns five-figures per month PROFIT from Kindle ebook publishing.

In this first video in my “Self-Publishing Success Story Series”, Jane shares her secrets as to what factors have contributed most to her awesome success as a Kindle Ebook Publisher.


Strathroy Antique Mall says:

Way to go Jane. So happy for you. Such a great mom too,wanting more… 🙂

eduardorado says:

Good for her, but… I thought this video would be a totally different thing.

John Malvasio says:

So inspiring! Thank you for sharing! I found this super helpful as well ——> https://tinyurl.com/y8p5s6lq

ShanaJahsintaWalters says:

I am so glad I am here watching this interview.

Serenity Paz Author says:

I love this video. It's inspiring. Seeing an everyday person, a single mom, become her own boss and earn abundantly through self-publishing is the best American story of achieving the dream. Karla Marie is a supportive coach. I love that quote: "Hold the vision; trust the process."

Ta Or says:

5:53 what video is that? can someone link it? thanks.

Emeka Ossai says:

Karla what a fantastic interview! So happy to hear about her success. 20K a month can do so much for her and her family, its a great twist on the old story of the 'poor' single mom who can barely get by ect. You are making such a difference for so many people through your program!

Indian mom vlogs says:

Inspired thank you

Jarrad says:

So that was light on practical content, but inspiring. Always good to see others succeed. The dog in the background is so cool.
I have no publishing business at the moment but I'm considering getting into this indie publishing business.
What course did she complete or did she simply hire you as a coach? Is she hiring ghost writers? Does her publishing focus solely on fiction? or non-fiction or both?
Does she publish to Apple ibooks, Google Play, Kobo and others? Is she apart of KDP select programme?
Would be good to get more practical content in addition to the emotional / commitment process people have been through. Thanks for the video interview.

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