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#14 Graphic Novels- Best Ways to Self-Publish

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Developing a Graphic Novel panel and presentation:
What are the benefits of publishing a story in small chunks (publishing a serial online or creating a mini comic) vs approaching a large project all at once?

Presented by the Boston chapter of the Graphic Artists Guild:

and Massachusetts College of Art and Design:

GARETH HINDS: garethhinds.com
LIZ PRINCE: lizprincepower.com
JOE QUINONES: joequinones.blogspot.com
DAVE KENDER: theragbox.com and bostoncomicsroundtable.com
MATT LEHMAN: comicopia.com
JORDAN GIARRATANO: inkubatorcomics.com

Videography by Stefan Grabowski, ©2010


StudioEthan says:

ok go on amazon. for issue self published comics they will all have 1
reviewer or less, and with the graphic novels that are self published they
will all have 1 reviewer. Lets get past that (which is barely even an
issue) and get to the true undermining hinderance of trying to self publish
a comic/graphic novel and getting people to buy it when their is no market
for it. A regular novelist could easily get 20 reviews in 1 week! i would
love to get directed to some self published graphic novelists on KDP that
are actually selling their books successfully regardless of if it is a
novel or issue

Fauzan Hamdani says:

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