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3 Book Cover Design Mistakes To Avoid When Self Publishing a Book

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http://www.bookcovercafe.com/ In this video I’ll identify three book cover design mistakes when self publishing a book and what you can do to avoid them to create a more effective book cover for your next book.


Diane Challenor says:

Thank you for your advice on book cover design, it was very helpful.

Djed Rising An EBook Publishing Alternative says:

APE Community : Big, bold name on cover, and…
no standard fonts such as Times New Roman..

BookCoverCafe says:

@educators2010 Thanks for the comment, glad you found the video helpful!

John Faust says:

Subscribed to your channel and I’m looking forward to new updates!

jelenar6 says:

thank you .. i wrote a story and i will publish it …

Self Publishing says:

this is great stuff!

M00nShad0ws says:

First one is wrong. You do NOT need a large author’s name, you need to
focus on the title as most people looking for eBooks browse thumbnails, not
full sized covers. When browsing thumbnails the author name is already
apparent on the page. If they can’t see the title they are not likely to
sustain interest. There is a very real difference in designing a cover for
a print book and an eBook – too many people don’t acknowledge this.

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