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3 Essential Things you Need to Succeed in Self-Publishing Comics.

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If you’re working on a project or have plans to publish a comic in the near or even the distant future, here are 3 things that you should do that will help you succeed.

I’ve been creating and publishing comics for over 20 years and I have several hundred comics, graphic novels and art books in print and digital distribution. Over that time I’ve gained a mountain of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.

While drawing one day I was contemplating what are some of the essential things that I use which would also benefit someone new to publishing or even someone who has been self-publishing for a long time and could use a few tips to help them refocus their marketing efforts.

In this video I focus on 3 simple things that you can do RIGHT NOW, no matter what stage of self-publishing that you are at that will have a HUGE impact on your future SUCCESS.


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Generation X says:

I hate Facebook

Jowyerv Akifumi says:

FB page 101 – how to grow your FB page audience.

daylight living says:

the point with a FB page is that not all of your friends are intersted in your work, some maybe tired to see the page. Are you sayng that is better to make a FB only with people that are intersted in your work?

Aaron KTJ says:

Thanks for the advice! I'll look into the mail list right away.

Jagoshk says:

wow..dude. I am working on my comic in super airtight secrecy. Its because its very unique and I am afraid people could copy the idea (style) easily.

I wanted to reveal it at launch… but now you got me thinking.

Should i reveal it ? Start teasing it ?

What do you think ?

Akachi Jones says:

awesome advice. I'm working on a comic myself and will be adding a email list asap

Robert Spence says:

Thanks for the info Kirk I really got some good vibe from this video,I learnt a lot.

Jason Ferguson says:

Thanks Kirk.

Joe Catapano says:

Very good advice! I'm gonna reference this video on my art channel if you don't mind.

Organic Words says:

Thank you so much!!

Diamonddusted68 says:

Thaabks so much. Ill be subscribing.

Jackson Taylor says:

You're 100% right about face book controlling your views. I have 45,000 face book followers and I'm lucky to get 4% to see a post with out paying. Great advise.

Gazbot says:

great tips!

kristen elizabeth says:

Brilliant. Can't say thank you enough–found you just in time, and will follow your advice to the letter. I'll do my part to support you, and I wish you all the best.

FJ Ramos says:

Just what I needed…Thanks.

Jimbo Jones says:

Thinking of getting a comic done. This has been good advice for the publicity side, looking forward to your thoughts on the digital market. 😀

Amaz Ingman says:

This dude is the shit.

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