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36 steps: how to become an Amazon bestselling author – how to write a book, sell books & make money

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In this tutorial, I explain how you can create a book even if you don’t think you are a good writer, publish your book on Amazon and the Kindle by uploading it through CreateSpace.com, having your book available as an ebook on the Kindle and as a hardcover on Amazon, Kindle unlimited, and then how to sell your book with proper book marketing on Amazon SEO, Amazon recommendation algorithm, and also Amazon book. categories.

By the way, when you publish your book through CreateSpace, your book will also be sold on the CreateSpace store, and on websites like Goodreads, and other websites in the Amazon book network.

In this tutorial I will show you how to become a bestselling Amazon author, how to create a book cover, how to get the book edited, how to get your book recorded and transcribed, and how to sell your book by teaching you Amazon marketing, and how to make money from your book on Kindle unlimited, Amazon, and by selling the ebook on the Kindle.

You can also hire me as your book strategy coach so I can guide you through the planning, creation, publishing, and book sales on Amazon. I will help to take you through that full author cycle.

After you understand how this works, you can write many books, do proper book marketing, and make a full time income selling books on Amazon.

Write books, do book marketing, sell books, make money on Amazon, be happy, and then write more books, do more book marketing, sell more books, and do this until you meet all your financial goals for yourself. Amazon is an amazing platform where you can really sell many books.


Ashton Taylor says:

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Billy Swinton says:

This video was well worth my time.  I didn't see the 36 steps but I found value in the information provided.  My wife graduated from law school and is in bar study now.  I think writing a book is way easier than what she is doing so this is my commitment for the next 9 weeks.  I may join a premium course soon.  Thanx!!

Journey Of A Life Time 2017 Buhay Sa America says:

I love your Channel so here I am … I am watching again of course I already subscribe, smile!

Dangelo Hunt says:

Great Video. I'm launching my 2nd Children's book April 23rd and a got alot of gems out of this video. Also planning on checking out and buying some of your books. Thank you for taking the time to make this video. God Bless.

The Eleventh Arrow says:

Amazon will not allow a 10 page book.. I don't have a team to help me with my books.. How do I find people I don't know? Love your keyword search Idea.. Thank you 🙂

Kevin Doyle says:

Music…..too distracting, but at least you got your information out there.

Shopgirl2000 says:

Liking this one! 🙂 Very insightful indeed.

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