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5 Self-Publishing Scams Authors Needs to Watch For – Part 1

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https://www.booklaunchers.com Who owns the content? What do the big bestseller promises really mean? Those are just two of the important questions you need to answer before you sign on with any company to help you publish a book.

If you’re thinking of self-publishing a book, then it’s important to watch out for these five self-publishing scams.


Angelina Lazar says:

Thanks, Julie

Steven Winn says:

As always, thanks so much for the useful and short videos! Your comment about the author owning the ISBN raised a huge question for me. I started a publishing company to help self-published authors publish their books. I make my contracts non-exclusive because I want my authors to fully own the rights to their work. But since I buy the ISBNs and apply them to the books, does that mean the author doesn't fully own the rights? Please help!

Keianna J says:

Omg! I love your advice! You are a lifesaver.

Matt Daniel Daep says:

Thank you for producing great contents!!!!
Uhhm just wanna ask how if you know any way to get paid in kdp if amazon doesn't support the banking from my country? This message always shows up : ( "We currently don't support electronic payments to this country. Please select "I don’t have a bank" to complete setting up your payment method." PLEASE MAN I NEED YOUR HELP

Gary Scarano says:

I subscribed to download you free book, but it never go it????

Self-Publishing with Dale L. Roberts says:

Julie, where the heck have you been all my life? I really dig your content. Binge watching right now. Awesome video!

Anordinarypersonable says:

Amazon stated that you don't need an ISBN for publishing an ebook. Is that true ?

Gundam Jedi says:

Hi Julie, do you recommend Kindle for self publishing authors? it's my first book and I don't want to make any mistakes.

Just Me says:

Thanks so much for your help. Currently I'm publishing through LULU. They are pretty reasonable but if not for your advice on the ISBN number I would have been in a situation that I would regret in the future. Also how many books have you published? I think it's good advice also to purchase the package deal through Bowker…Boh-ker, Bow-ker?

Mark Twain says:

As always, you are fun and upbeat, while being very helpful and credible. New authors are sitting ducks for scams and scary clauses in contracts; you help make this business safer and help writers get the credit they deserve. Thanks so much, Julie!

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