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5 Ways to Sell Your Self Published Book

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Even the most fabulous self published book will not sell itself. Author Julie Broad explains the 5 best ways she used to sell her books (including the combination that helped her get her book to #1 overall on Amazon in it’s first week of distribution). If you want to figure out how you’re going to get readers, sell your book, and top the Amazon charts watch this video till the end.
She also reveals one tip about what does not sell books! It might surprise you.

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Video transcript:
I don’t know if you flown in the month of October but Malcolm Gladwell’s new book David and Goliath is everywhere and you might think it’s because Malcolm Gladwell is a big name now right if you haven’t read the tipping point or any of his other books outliers etc you’ve probably at least heard of who he is but he still had to pay for that coveted space now I’m not clear Businessweek said that they wouldn’t say exactly how much they paid but that that Hudson news usually sells that space per store for several thousand dollars.

If you’re Malcolm Gladwell you can probably foot the bill for that because you get a couple of talks for fifty to eighty five thousand dollars plus proceeds from the book deal it’s probably okay right but most of us aren’t Malcolm Gladwell so we’re going to have to find ways that don’t cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars to get distribution and of course readers for our fabulous
work of book.


For me been writing a newsletter for seven years I had built up a fantastic base of wonderful folks who not only bought my book but told other people when my book came out so that was critical but if you are writing your book already and you haven’t spent seven years writing good newsletter there’s no time like right now yeah right now you might even want to turn off this video and get to work on it to build an online presence and ideally get newsletter subscribers and social media followers and friends.


This was the second kind of my secret weapon that that I got with my fabulous readers who thank you thank you I’m still so grateful for you buying books when it came out and now still and for your Amazon reviews but my secret weapon that got me to number one I think we broke
top ten without friends but we never would have got to number one if it weren’t for the fabulous support of some of our friends Nick and Tom crowds of rock star real estate in particular sent some really great promotions out to their fantastic folks and that really gave us the boost we needed to get to number one.

So start networking folks because it’s hard to do it all alone friends referring and recommending you and your book is going to be a huge help to you.

I’m sorry if you really thought you could just sit behind your computer and tick away and sell books but speaking is really really a solid way to sell books if you have a short talk you can find business networking groups meetup groups

I think that while TV looks the coolest and people think it’s the coolest I actually think that the newspaper articles and the radio spots I’ve done have generated the most results and I try to track it but you can’t really tell right you don’t really know where your book sales are coming
from but people who come out to my book events who’ve heard of me for the first time are coming from newspaper or radio they’re not coming from the TV shows.


Now, this is what we did in the launch to really boost it right and back this this and this all combined together are what gave us a really really strong start out of the gate but even now if I have a store that has a lot of leftover stock then I might run a city specific promotion to help sell books so that can be you know one on one coaching calls it can be some of your friends who blog may have e-books or other courses or services that they’ll offer to buyers of your book so when they send you a receipt proving they bought your book you can then send them or sign them up for these other services sound good right it helps to sell books.

Kind of suck yeah really listen a lot of my friends are like oh I’ve seen all your book signings it looks so cool and some of them have been pretty good but the reality is that getting people to come out to a bookstore to buy a book these days it’s actually really hard


Art Is Pain says:

Malcolm Gladwell can kiss my scrotum

Kathy G. Mills says:

Subscribed! My funny, easy-to-read and informative book, "Market Mojo: A Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market" is available on Amazon.

Kitty Kat says:

I think all of us aspiring authors and writers should form a facebook and twitter group and work together there! 😀

W.M. Aslam - Author says:

Thank you for these tips. I've just self-published a health and wellbeing book. I'm promoting non-stop! Back to work for me!

Marcielle Brandler says:

Great advice.

Hakan AYDIN says:

I am the author of URAS: THE FIRST JOURNEY. And i am very grateful for the video.

Akbar X says:

I believe in self publishing from my website, I'm not giving Amazon shit!!!

Christine Hamilton says:

Thanks for posting! Very helpful. I'm looking forward to more videos. Subscribed!

Andrew A Green says:

Hi a new experiment so no idea if this will work. Rather than just spam links I’m ‘drip feeding’ my book Margaret’s Story on Twitter. It’s a biography in verse so lends itself to release in short chunks. If you want to check out how this is working andrewagreenuk on Twitter.

Bone Chillen says:

Can you sell your own self published book at book stores?


My book the future assassin as been on kindle since September. So far I've sold 3 copies. So I'm basically selling one every month.

Denis Viatico says:

Such a great video! Thank you so much!

Morgan Tracy J says:

I loved this!! Thank you!!

Ten Cent Poetry says:

Great video. Thank you for being honest about book signings. I've been researching all day and wondering. . . .why do authors DO THIS? I'm going to explore other routes!

Marko Stojanovic says:

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Isaac Hernandez says:


Lionelson Norbert says:

I've recently finished writing a book called 'The Ocean Hearth'. It's available in kindle for FREE from 10-14 November 2017. If you're up for it, it would really help if you would have yourself a free one and give a review if you like it!


'The Ocean Hearth' is a dark fantasy story of rebellion, revolving around Eli Rivergrove, a man whose one desire is to bring victory to the uprising against the corrupt King Velron Allistair, even it meant to ally with the nocturnal race of Starbornes.

Anton Sears says:

Great advice thank you 😊

Benjamin Levy says:

Great video!

RandomVideoDude TV says:

How is it that most self-published kindle Authors who give tips… ONLY sell books about being a self-publisher?
None of these authors have original stories to sell, only recycled advice.

Joshua Manderico says:

First time I watched your video Julie and I am just simply blown away with your ideas 😊 Thumbs up!

Carlyn Beccia says:

Great video! And thank you for saying book signings suck because they truly do and most authors won't admit it. I will do one or two with each book launch but only to make friends with the CRMs at Barnes & Noble and independents. (Their job is tough too!) And the most frustrating part is I am CONSTANTLY going to friends' book signings, buying their books, showing my support and the favor never seems to be reciprocated. I am on my 10th book now so it could be that friends don't understand that I struggle as much as they do. I try not to take it personally but it is one of the reasons why I hate book signings.

Prithee Lux says:

Hi, can you please help to market my book please?

Jasmeet Kaur says:

How hilarious would it be if Malcolm Gladwell himself, somehow, stumbles upon this video!

Shreeta Shah says:

Twitter can be useful but is very time consuming and in the end not necessarily the most fruitful way to spend your time. Book trailers are worthwhile to peak interest in the story. My ebook was created a long time ago. Over 6 years ago. And I have recently only revisited it this week as the idea popped into my head that I could do some fundraising for health treatment that I need. But promotion is always the hardest part. But thanks once again for your video.

Shreeta Shah says:

Here is a useful video for any budding scriptwriters wishing to create the next big or small movie. It shows the best books to read to get started in this craft


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