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7 Critical Keys to Self-Publishing Success in 2017 and Beyond

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On Tuesday, October 25th at 2pm PST (5:00pm EST), Stefan is hosting a LIVE STREAM on 7 Critical Keys to Self-Publishing Success in 2017 and Beyond.

Join us LIVE on the Project Life Mastery YouTube channel, @projectlifemastery Periscope and Stefan James Facebook page. Make sure that you follow to be notified when we’re live!

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LiveBetter Girl says:

Thank you for the great content, as usual!

Joyce Tallmadge says:

Just getting started with a health website and blog.

GreyLine Men's Fashion says:

thank you bro for making it more clear to my mind. Just by sharing this info from a free media, it means so much. this stuff is more valuable than the books available in the market.

Qureshi S says:

Great video! I'm coming out from having regular 8-5 job to becoming an entrepreneur. It freaks me out because I have limited experience with business. I'm starting out by going thru the K Money Mastery Training. Great content. I love how passionate you are with what you're doing.

Youssef Arezdi says:

wow! I miss your videos so badly bro! I was absent in the last couple of days! seems like i missed a lot. I'm going through the videos. As always, massive, massive value provided. Thanks a lot Stephen!

The Wellness Trinity says:

Hi! Thanks for sharing this information. I am a board certified Doctor of Natural Medicine. I am looking forward to publishing some books and health coaching programs. I also do health consultations and sell high quality food based supplements. I've been doing some research on internet marketing and came across your videos. Thanks again!

D. Devon Moultrie says:

How does one find the kind of virtual assistants you use? Great stuff, thanks!

kimy D says:

very useful content and information specially for those who are into self-publishing

Wayne Thompson says:

A very powerful live stream and great information shared here, thank you very much for your thoughts on diversification and marketing, i AM SOLD ON THE QUALITY YOU offer.

Jordan Kilgour says:

Fantastic content Stefan! I always appreciate the quality and value you provide. Keep it up, I know a lot of people look up to you for that. Look forward to seeing you inside K Money Mastery.

rasheed alnajjar says:


what do you think about the stock market ? is fine to start with a broker ob line?

Rick Alexander says:

Yes  Sell my products

jbass says:

great content. Taking and taking notes thanks Stefan

Basics to riches says:

This was very useful information Stefan, putting it all in a perspective and looking forward. Although we know parts of it following you and others, it is very good learning and inspiration for the 2017 business and goals. Thank you!

Major Fitness TV says:

Before watching this, I know it is going to be a GREAT video! Thanks for the quality content Stefan!

david Johnson says:

amazon FBA seller

lara webs says:

hi! i am 21 and write fiction, do those tips apply to that too? thanks :)

Frank Shredded says:

I am loving this life stream, I have currently finished your kindle course and I am writtin my first one, The goal is to have 10 publish by the end of the year.. I am supercharged! THANK YOU, GOD BLESS :-)

WakeUpFulfilled.com says:

Go APE: Author a great book, Publish it quickly, and Entrepreneur your way to success. Self-publishing isn’t easy, but it’s fun and sometimes even lucrative. Plus, your book could change the world.”
― Guy Kawasaki,

Yash Pandey says:

Hi Stefan
I wanted to ask if you think age is a barrier for starting an online business. I am 19 and have already enrolled in K Money Mastery and started with the process. However, the fact that I lack experience of doing a job or business occasionally freaks me out.

terriesmith1981 says:

Love your work, stephan!???

Ujamma Techonolgy says:

thanks for the info just wanted too know if you have any video's on how to set up your page or store on Amazon and the process of getting your product to the Customer.

Suzie D. says:

Thank You…

Project Life Mastery says:

It was a pleasure hosting this stream today! Apologies for some technical difficulties throughout, we're still learning how to set things up properly and been experimenting with things lately. See you next time!

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