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7 Self Publishing Mistakes That Kill Your Business

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Are struggling to make money self publishing on Amazon or elsewhere?

Have you been hustling in the kindle publishing business for far too long with little to show for it?

Then, you may be guilty of seven self publishing mistakes.

Find out in today’s video about the 7 self-publishing mistakes that kill your business.



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Tristan Arrington says:

Thanks for the video ,great advices

Sunny Ah Day says:

People are so cheap they won't buy there own ISBN, I can't see how they will spend $500 on book design…just sayin.

AD Ismail says:

I am happy to see you return! You are of the few self-publishers that I follow as your content is true and from the heart! Well done!

candid0111 says:

Love the new look and the same great info.

James Ranson says:

Hell yes! Especially the section about editing…speaking as an editor myself, it's refreshing as f*** to see a self-publishing expert who actually endorses editing as a vital part of the publishing process. Thanks dude!

Jason Bracht says:

amazing work as always. digging the new format.

Self-Publishing with Dale L. Roberts says:

What are other self publishing mistakes people should avoid? What were some methods that worked before but not anymore? I'd love to hear from you!

Boondocks Botanicals says:

Nice one Dale, full of valuable tips!

Steve Gamlin says:

New season…same AWESOME host!

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