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7 Things No One Tells You About Becoming a Self-Published Author

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authorcmjohnson says:

It is really so cool to see how far you've come in such a relatively short time. Like 2yrs. I feel nostalgic. Hopefully you can find some solid people to help you out on the other fronts and focus on your writing.

Hime Yonoki says:

You are one of my Inspiration on writing, I admire the fact that you decided to go through all that hard work just to reach your dreams. Keep on writing?

Mervicorn 14 says:

My uncle self published a book, so I can tell it takes a while. Patience is must!

Eric Nelson Manley Shelman says:

My first book was actaully self-published through an independrnt press, who had a contract with myself, and the printing press, he was using, and for all the clarity. Unfortunately, for me I had to learn this the hars way like most authora do. I had to buy my books, for 7.15 a piece, from a printing press, and my publisher as well, and it got extremely expensive, and way too time consuming as well. If anyone bought my book from the printing press website then the printing press, and my publisher got the majority of it, my royalities were extremely low, not to mention all thw times I only had a thirty minute lunch break from my day job, and I had to package, write out addresses, pay for the shipping, and even sign and dedicate several of them as well.

TwilightStorys says:

This video has been very helpful. I've been trying to publish a book. I write it out now I need to get it published. You are so great and so helpful.

gerard thebookworm says:

Thank you for your info concerning self-publishing.  I have author friends who self-publish or who are with a traditional publisher.  Each one markets their work to different consumers and there are advantages and disadvantages in both fields.  There is one major thing that I want to add to your list and that is to always be professional.  Because I work in an indie bookstore, we get hundreds upon hundreds of submissions from self-published books to traditional published.  Naturally, we have to take careful consideration of what is going to sell to our demographic and if we can turn a profit for any products we order.   I can't begin to tell you how rude and unprofessional some authors are when we have to politely decline their book which is usually met  with some choice expletives and rude remarks.  This is never a good idea because bookstores share information with one another and many writers have had their books banned because of their antics.  Obviously, these authors haven't taken this into consideration and have to learn these lessons the hard way.

YourAwesomeAuthorLife says:

Great tips! It' so important to surround yourself with a community when it comes to publishing, especially self-publishing. And modeling the authors who are successful at doing it is a great way to start. Banding together with other authors in your genre is key too, plus you are like one big brain collective when it comes to sharing advice and tips!

Janice Spears-Buchanan says:

Am late to your page, thank you so much.

Zandra Phunk says:

I love your videos! happy birthday!

S Caudill says:

I went on a reading bench and read all your books! Love them! I bought all three ebooks, and The Alpha Drive on the physical format. I will be buying all of them in physical format.

Lorraine Hill-Scott says:

Motivational as always. Thanks Kristen

JustMeJewel says:

Thank you so much for this informative video. I am hoping to go the traditional publishing route but I always look forward to learning more about the self publishing route as well.

xzonia1 says:

Have a wonderful vacation! This just drives home the point that I shouldn't attempt self-publishing; I don't have the energy for it. Not yet, anyway. <3

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