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A self-publishing enthusiast speaks

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I’ve self-published two novels and made a success of both. Here’s my perspective on self-publishing, looking past all the negativity and seeing something that authors and readers should be excited about.

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Joeyal123 says:

I’m working on a novel now its a its about a female assassin its told in
the first person, I am done with the book and I am in revision process. I
have had people tell me an editor wont help if you have bad grammar or
punctuation, my story is really unique. 

wendy thompson says:

I loved this video, and am seriously thinking about self-publishing my own
short stories, one of them in particular is all ready to go. But I’m still
confused about how much self-publishing costs. 

metalgodkill says:

ye, it must be an extra value in self publishing, much more of a personal
print.beautifull aproach.great vid

marknorthwest93 says:

Darryl, your post here is very enlightening and gave me self confidence to
pursue my dream of publishing my manuscript, “In Search of Mae West.”

Jamie Bradshaw says:

Great video with excellent points. Thank you!

Teri Saya says:

Darryl, I really appreciate your point of view. I’m working on a novel and
also a short story compilation and was trying to figure out how to publish.
Your video gave me a good insight to self publishing. Thank you. PS: Like
your accent.

Jim Scott says:

Great attitude, and I agree 100% Those bands that self publish, they are
writing their songs ‘from the heart’ as you say. Of course they are not
thinking “oh, this music will sell”. They all want to be successful, but
with their own music.
I agree the self publishing world should be thought of like this. Artists,
not manufacturers, or salesmen.
I hope you are still writing and having success. 

Johnny Ray says:

Darryl, thank you sir. I was going to try and have my book published by a
big publisher but I’m going to self publish. I’m not writing to get rich,
I’m writing because I love to write. Thank you for making this video.

TribalFaerie says:

Thank you for making this. It’s a great perspective on self-publishing. I
want to get into it myself and you made a lot of wonderful points. I
queried so many agents and got rejections within the same day. And I knew
it was because my manuscript wasn’t in vogue with current trends. So thank

Bob Buran says:

Hi Darryl, Hey I just wanted to let you know I loved your comments and
could not agree more. I am working on my first book and your short video
has kind of freed me up from thinking that I had to try to think about
“writing to sell”. You come across as a great guy, an inspiration and a
defender of original and truly creative thinking. I wish you the very best
in all your creative efforts.

marcuspaspali says:

Great video……thanks!

MrHallamshire says:

I agree with most of what you say. My books have been praised by editors
and agents then rejected. But taking their point of view, you have to ask
yourself, “Would I invest £10,000 of MY money in this book?” Do I go with
“Jordon’s Makeup Tips” with my £10,000 or invest in a gothic vampire
thriller by someone no-one has heard of? The whole aim of a publisher is to
stay in business. That’s why self publishing will uncover some amazing
talent that no-one would publish.

TheGracefulDemon says:

You have no idea how much I adore this video. It really gives me the
strength I need to self publish. I still don’t know quite well how to do it
but once I do I will publish my own story 😀 Thank you for making this

Diane Allinson says:

I was looking for inspiring videos about self-publishing to post in my
blog, and definitely would have included yours were it not for the noise.
Best wishes 🙂

Ripp Russell says:

Thank You Daryl.You have inspired us on to our first go at self
publishing.Oh by the way we will have your books around.Can’t wait to read
them.I am seeing the music industry in America and now probably and
hopefully the world go through these same issues.Corporate
greed=cancer.Creativity has developed its’ own chemo.

sufcgaz6 says:

Darryl. Hello. I’ve been trying for years to get my manuscript published.
Subject matter is: Effective communication between teenagers and parents.
Can you explain a bit more about the use’s of Ebay?

coolduder10 says:

I enjoyed your inspirational speech. Recently, we have completed a novel
that we feel is an outstanding novel, but we have sent out seven queries
and received 4 rejections. So, I am thinking a different route to publish
our book.

Norma Padro says:

I like your video. I totally agree with your view. I began to self publish
my work and have over 26 books. I also published my photography work as
well. I didn’t want to listen to anyone, because of the negative comments
either. I wanted to share my work with the world and just keep on going. I
don’t have time to listen to those that will hold me back. I always wanted
to be a writer and a photographer. Now that I learned a few years ago that
I could publish my own work this is what I’ve done.

Steele Hawes says:

Good on you 🙂 i want to soon as well!

Procommenter says:

On worlds, alien to ours, people have made pets of gigantic fleas that are
plagued with parasitic dogs.

EnceladusTrainer2012 says:

Hi Darryl, I brought ‘CHION’ and ‘ULTERIOR’ off of Amazon, and they’re both
signed. Woo-hoo! 🙂 So do you sign all of your books? Also ‘ULTERIOR’ was
owned by a one ” Sally Hayes October 2002″ a previous pupil of yours
perhaps? Just a couple of questions. Thanks for the novels!!! 😀

ProfessorCosmic says:

A Very positive message. Thank you for your views and encouragement to
people’s creativity, and from the heart, not for the product. The author’s
judges are not the editors but the readers. Well put. And self-publishing
as the salvation of publishing. Interesting and, at their advent, points to
powerful possibilities for ebooks.

KRSchannel says:

not anymore, self publishing is now in fashion. Even established authors
are going self publishing route.

Self Publishing says:

Great info Darryl!

Containing My Vapid Rage says:

Cartels (married monopolies) rule the planet.

Kathleen Sparkes says:

Thank you for posting this video! I’m currently in the process of querying
agents, and it’s great to hear that there’s a viable alternative to
traditional publishing (just in case my book doesn’t fit in with what
publishers/agents are looking for right now.) My only hesitation is that
I’m afraid I wouldn’t be good at self-promotion; it’s actually my main
reason for wanting to go with traditional publishing.

Vvrroommm says:

OUTSKIRTS PRESS has several testimonials regarding its’ quality and
continuing support for self publishers.. Darryl Sloan what’s your breakdown
of OUTSKIRTS PRESS. Good day and namaste.. Also I dig your website
DarrylSloan com. we share similar personality traits. In addition, I have
been watching Coast2Coast A.M. with George Noory who interviewed David Icke
and I’ve watched many other David Icke and simiilar authors on
youtube…good content …namaste


interesting take on self publishing

C Money says:

Ene, man ,okay.I’m going to burn all my books. After getting a solid
cluster of branches in that area in my brain. Underground railroad for the
people. Bypass the powerhouses.Become one.You are a super star MR Crowley.

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