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Amazon Author Central – Visibility On Amazon Author Page

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Amazon Author Central is probably one of the most overlooked assets available for writers. If you have at least one book available on Amazon, you definitely want to set up this page. Not only does Amazon allow you to choose your Author Central page name, but they also allow you to provide a bio, your blog feed, video, pics, and your Twitter. If a reader likes what they read on your Amazon Author Central page, they are also able to follow your page and receive updates whenever you release a new book. This video will share how to make the most of this page and I will also highlight all of the awesome tools this asset provides.


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John Magee says:

Thank you so much for your Kindness. This is of a great value to me and my soon to be released book.
Kind regards

Jeff says:

Very helpful thank you. although I'm a little stuck as to how I add a banner link or blog. any help would be great.

Prof.P.P. Healings says:

Thanks Stephanie for the resourceful video, you made my day. Kindly give me me useful info on how to link my book to other media like Twitter etc.

Mohan Vegesna says:

I work for the Amazon Author Central Team and your video is very helpful for author signing up on author central. Your video is excellent.

Cliff Yates says:

Great advice!! Awesome video, I set up my page immediately after this video! great call to action for all authors.

ajit roy says:

useful material

DWriteLambily says:

I was planning on making one of these but my book is still a work in progress lol

cronicjointpain says:

Thanks. great video. what do you think of a short bio for a Author Central page? I'm a newbie so I don't have many writing accomplishments to brag about or much prior work to reference.

Richard Encarnacion says:

Great tip for New authors, to use the author central page. To grow the awareness of the author, good information.

Paul Carter says:

I have been researching many videos on Ebooks, publishing etc. Thank you for the great time saving tips. Keep the positive intentions flowing.

Frank Tuttle says:

Great video! The Amazon author page is one of the best promotional tools out there, and it's easy and free. You're right when you say every author with anything for sale on Amazon needs one!


This is fantastic, excellent work and advice, very informative. I am an up and coming Afro-sci fi writer and illustrator. I am set to publish my book very soon, this is very helpful, Thank You. Please Subscribe to my channel Thanks. 

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