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Amazon Kindle Ebook Publishing Scam that Destroys Writers

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In this video I interview Anthony Perry (first time) author of Lyle’s Grief and Dvir Oren about the biggest scam in publishing today..

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How it works:
Entrepreneur creates hundreds of pen names
Looks for high selling niches on Amazon
Sends writer in The Philippines book concept
Writer Googles “How to cure cancer” etc and quickly throws together book
Entrepreneur pays writer $75 and designer $5 for book cover
“Book” goes on Amazon
Facebook “Review Exchange” group members (other scamming entrepreneurs) give a book review in exchange for a review of their book

That’s the system that is taught to 4,000 eager students wanting to “make money online”. These online entrepreneurs all aspire to make a THOUSAND BOOKS EACH YEAR! Each.

Imagine the number of books flooding Amazon. Estimates are that over 250,000 fake books are made by the one company alone. As an honest writer, you simply cannot compete. These marketers become expert at gaming Amazon’s rating system and keywords so your book, that you put blood sweat and tears into, is simply invisible to a client searching for help.

In addition, these books purporting to offer the cure to cancer, written by Google search, offer nothing of value to the needy. I can only imagine the pain and suffering these books are causing.

The scam doesn’t stop there though. Upon buying a book, these scammers get the clients email and begin a hardcore email marketing campaign outside of the safety of Amazon. They send endless offers of easy, 30 day, overnight, miraculous, ground-breaking research cures to the needy to sell yet more ‘books’.

I’m not sure what we can do to stop this scam but I want to alert anyone reading this. Please forward to any writers, literary agents, publishers or journalists that you know so we can spread the word far and wide and get these guys shut down once and for all. Thanks for watching and caring! Publishing, the last frontier of trust and let’s keep it that way.

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Beware of this scam. These guys make millions of dollars by manipulating Amazon’s review system and credibility.

Can you imagine what will happen if these scammers will continue to fill Amazon’s with thousands of low-quality books?

Share this video. if you know any authors, pass it to them.


IKnowYouKnow says:

Good post re: A.I. progression on facebook, Paul. Extrapolating from that, we can say that in a few years, many books, like the ones basically mass-produced for Amazon, will be A.I. – written, simply by synthesizing the body of literature on a given subject. Said body-of-literature will be borrowed in e-book form from libraries for free, synthesized into a new book by A.I., slapped with some appropriate, A.I. – generated cover-art, and uploaded for sale on Amazon.

IKnowYouKnow says:

Speaking of which, I'd better start taking larger positions in my trades, and exiting bad trades quicker or I'll end up bankrupt. Shit.

IKnowYouKnow says:

Millions of folks end up bankrupt because they don't understand the essence of a gig or an industry. Sad to say, the older dude, while he may know his stuff and have put his heart and soul into his first book, does not understand the essence of what sells very well. As such, he will likely make little money from his creation, while the "book factory" that treats content as a commodity and understands the value of packaging and promotion and volume-of-output, will earn boatloads. Capitalism.

IKnowYouKnow says:

It certainly is a shame that, to even have a shot at success as an author, YouTube creator, working-musician etc. you've got to check all or at least most of the boxes that pertain to an area. With these, as with others, the 18 – 35 demographic is the end-all-be-all. Think of the 1000 most popular YouTube creators. 990 of them are under 35. Guaranteed. If a person achieves big success prior to that age they can live off that forever. Think of the Rolling Stones.

CALI DJ says:

3 sore loosers, quit whining and step your game up.

She Lost The Baggage says:

LOL. How much did they pay you to promote their system?

Jon Singleton says:

If you pay top dollar to a writer and get high quality content, then you are basically a small publisher. Pen names are very common with reputable books as well. Top publishers never wrote the book, they paid a writer using a pen name. This model can be a scam if putting out mass production of low quality. Or it can be perfectly legit, if putting out high quality material. My 2 cents.

candid0111 says:

This is terrible. I wish amazon would make stricter rules and probably have some prerequisites for publishing like samples and approvals before getting your work published so that real authors who put everything into the actual writing process can reap the benefits of hard work and talent. But I really don't see how this can be stopped with so many phonies out here.

Passive Income Dude says:

By the way, another things is the loophole which is closed now, they put links in the beginning of the books, having thousands of pages and the link would skip right to the end of the book. So even it was total crap, you would get paid for pages read…Most of them that shoot up quick used scams..

Passive Income Dude says:

As a small publisher, I too want to make a nice buck, but I write my books myself and really try to put the best info out there. I write in my original name and sell them for a dollar. So really try to be honest about it…

eliana miller says:

If anyone can "google" the same information, what is the objection as it could save time?
The real culprit and immoral activity is pornographic fiction and so-called romance fiction- both totally reprehensible. Also 'mein kamph' by the evil man-still on amazon! Sick too!

TheCarlosAlexis says:

This is such a scam!!


If you guys can handle imaturity, you might want to watch a few of my 700+ videos on this subject. Ive been telling the truth about this since 2014. You guys have some things correct, and also things not correct. The main thing youve got wrong, is that you believe Stefan & his POS brother, actually do the business themselves! No! They are well schooled, Cons. They prey on vulnerable, newbie, wide eyed, wannapreneur seekers. His story is completely fiction. Their scam is not on the public, its on the kids that are desperate to be an online success. Theres a ton of these people out there these days. Ive written hundreds of titles, as myself, & pen names. Ive also outsourced hundreds. Im eyeballs deep in this business. We dont all do those "cure" books. I know people who do it right, & create good products, that people want, & come back for more. There are certain niches that Amazon actually wants high volume publishers to be in, & rewards them for it. The savvy ones, stick to these niches, and avoid the others.

Anthony Perry says:

looks like this video has been capped by powers

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