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Amazon’s Kindle Ebook Royalty Rate Explained (for Self-Published Authors)

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Amazon’s Kindle Ebook Royalty Rate Explained (for Self-Published Authors)

Have you ever wondered why Amazon pays authors and book publishers 35% on some ebooks and 70% on others? It can be very confusing. In this video I explain why … and the answer may surprise you!

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Firozé Salimi says:

Great!, Can you kindly do a video on how amazon pays publishers royalties on their books how often and how does one read the author sales charts? Thank you !

Mannie Wray says:

Great video, I was wondering how the royalties work?

Keith Lyons says:

Great video, very insightful!

Lance Snow says:

Thank you! That cleared things up for me.

Bob Baker says:

I'm glad it was helpful, Chuck!

Chuck Marunde says:

Thanks Bob for a clear explanation of how this works. I'm always fascinated how big companies like Amazon cannot provide a simple and clear explanation of their own processes. But you did. Thanks.

Giles Ensor says:

Thanks Bob
I wasn't actually aware that there was a 35% rate. Very useful video

Swirl Jet says:

Thanks for going to the trouble of explaining Google’s royalty system, Bob.
Very helpful indeed

Necromedes says:

Well, that explains the royalty fees but I'm still a little overwhelmed by the fees of delivery and the territories, so if you could make a video helping to explain that, have one already or know of one that does, that would be VERY helpful. Still, an excellent video.

Bob Baker says:

Thanks, Alison!

Mike Chavez says:

Very informative. Thank you!

Alison Breskin says:

Great help!

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