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An introduction to ebook publishing: what is an ebook, and how do you make/edit one?

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In this video I go over some basic terminology you need to know before you publish an ebook; I mention some software, tools and programs to make and and edit ebooks, and discuss ebook publishing options. This is a primer to ebook publishing, which will be followed by a whole bunch of in depth, practical guides to making ebooks with specific tools. You can see them all on http://www.diybookformats.com


Anita Sølver says:

Just want to add, that if you price your book at $0,99, Amazon doesn't charge for delivery no matter what file size the book is.

Of course, that can change, but that's how it is right now.
At $0,99 you'll only get 35% though, but it is possible to publish heavy files and still make a profit.

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