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#AskMiyazaki 004 Social, Salespeople, & Self-Publishing (Marketing Yourself)

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What’s the greatest strength of social media marketing? Are salespeople born or made? How do you market your self-published book?

I’ve been answering digital marketing questions for over 20 years. Join me as I answer them here on YouTube and have a little fun at the same time.

To get answers you may or may not want, tweet your questions with the #AskMiyazaki hashtag and let’s talk about digital, social, branding, analytics, productivity, marketing, or whatever else keeps you up at night.

Today’s Questions:

1. Gabrielle Holland‏ @holland_b11
Do you believe that people are born a sales person? Or can learn how to become a sales person? #askMiyazaki

2. Paulina Fonseca‏ @paulina_fonseca
#askMiyazaki What is the greatest strength social media marketing has to offer?

3. Annie Rossinsky‏ @RossinskyAnnie
#askMiyazaki I am in the process of publishing a book. If I decide to self-publish, how do you think I should market myself and my book?

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