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I’m back on YouTube! Open me for details.


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I am Lilacs says:

this was helpful, i know what my find next buy of books looks like 🙂

Melissa Butler says:

Get video thumbs up😀👍btw I subbed u please sub back

sc says:

Wow congratulations – what a wonderful accomplishment . This is inspiring . Yes, beautiful poem and you have a lovely demeanor 🙂 you are doing great keep going! 😀 <3

TheLifeOfStarrr says:

loved it. i want to pulish a book of my poetry, can i message you for some tips and how you did everything?

Zion Pandora says:

This video was so helpful and inspiring. I just want to wish you the best on all your future endaverours. I look forward to seeing more from you. And can we get a minute for 'I Am'. Yoo that poem right there, yess I feel it. Love and support from London. Nicole Zion xxx

Zion Pandora says:

Your name 😍😍such a unique name of an author to see on the front of a book. Lol. Congratulations on you girl. Love x

Violet Raspberry says:

That poem was so beautiful <3 Truly loved it 🙂

David Griffith says:

Inspiring, great video! Thanks for sharing, you included a lot of great information! I'm also a poet and am working on my first novel! 🙂 Also that was a beautiful poem at the end!

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