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http://ProfitableStorytelling.com/challenge When you have a book on Amazon, whether that is a Kindle book or print (or both), you want to set up your free Amazon Author Central account. This lets you do some extra book promotion and book marketing, so it is a good thing to do!

First you need a BOOK!

The free 30 Day Awakened Author Challenge is one of the most comprehensive free online writing courses and writing challenges you will ever find. During this Free 30 day challenge, you will not only find out how to write and publish a book and start marketing it, but you will actually write and publish a book on Kindle or Nook AND in print, sell at least 1 copy and learn the basics of book marketing.

Along the way, you get writing help and tips, as well as a complete system for turning that book into your legacy. Whether your intention is business development or sharing a message, this unique writing contest is for you.

Yes, the Awakened Author Challenge is also a writing contest, because as you complete the action steps in each of the 15 modules, you are eligible to win prizes that help you get even bigger results with your book.

Join free now. This is the program overview and welcome module, and you already have some important action steps to take!.


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