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Collab with Kim Chance | Our Insights | Traditional vs. Self Publishing

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–Make sure to check out Kim’s video (her answers on traditional publishing) here: http://youtu.be/SnNITQkNlWo
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Becky Schrodt says:

😊 Tuesday

Jessica Abbate says:

I love Kim , you guys are such a sweet women I can’t wait to read the books , I am new to writing ✍️

Cheryl Martindale says:

Tuesday! 😘

Alyssa J says:

Just finished watching this video & can't wait to go watch all of Kim's videos!

Joseph Lyons says:


Pepper Tyler says:

Tuesday! 🤣

Jeni L S says:

🙂 tuesday <333

Nana Nina says:

I can't believe my two favorites did a collab on a subject I myself have been debating with for a while. Surely I have been blessed ;;7;;

Daphné Kelly says:

Tuesday, of course 😉 Loved the collab, such a great idea! And I wouldn’t say the years you were thinking about building your author platform instead of doing it were "wasted"… Think of it as you learning and being lead towards your path 😊 Keep being awesome!

Heather Kirchhoff says:

I wish I had started my author platform a long time ago. I'm now struggling with figuring everything I need to know out. I'm currently a self-published author, but I'm thinking of trying to go the traditional route as well. I loved your video!

Lorraine Ambers says:

Fantastic collaboration from my favourite vloggers. Great advice, thank you.

Allen says:

I bought the two recommended books you posted a while ago. –Story Trumps Structure and Your First Novel. They have served me well!

Dante The Demon Slayer says:

It was still funny seeing a collaboration video. But still I enjoyed watching both of your guys channels. 😁

SadeRena_Author says:


Ashley Tucker says:

Your eyebrows are on point in this video!

Gigi 2018 says:

Love this thank you!

El Rincón de Nagi says:

😊 Tuesday!

Danielle G says:

What about Canva? I made a really pretty cover on there once.

Stephanie Stiffler says:

🙂 Tuesday

Mandi Lynn says:

Love love love! It still blows my mind that this is your first collab, but what a great topic! It was great watching both of your videos!

AKelly Photography says:

I think my first two videos from you were uploaded on Tuesdays

Mary Long says:

Tuesday hehehe……:)

Rainey M. says:

I self-published a novel quite a few years ago and didn’t really know what I was doing. I’d like to revamp it, but I’m not sure if that’s kosher or not. Any thoughts?

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