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So a while back I shot a video in which I describes how to use non copyright-able content to put together ebooks that you could potentially sell on Amazon for a profit. I felt like there was some confusion on it so I wanted to give you a step by step on how easy one of these books can come together using a little internet research and the power of KDPublishing Pro.

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Hemant Sharma says:

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L D Lewis says:

I wasn't able to get your affiliate link to work.

Marva Rateliff says:

Great video!! Thank you

Brittany Rathjen says:

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Hollywood Linc Jones says:

You're awesome brother

RoInMinecraft says:

Did you make any money out of it?

R.R. Petrichor says:

Thanks for this video! I've just uploaded my first cookbook. It's been up for a few weeks and I've already made a sale and got a great 5-star review. I've decided to start promoting and marketing it some more to help up the sales to see if that helps! I'm pretty excited. There's a great quality writer on Fiverr at http://www.Fiverr.com/AyaFalls. There are some poor quality writers from Nigeria, Indonesia, etc. who don't really understand English on the site, but Aya was absolutely amazing. She did a really high-quality job and I really recommend her. She not only finds and formats your recipes into a cookbook but can also write your introduction, blurb, author bio, she does editing and can also get you an ebook cover made. She was a great help and had some fantastic advice. Again, thanks for the video! I'll be making more cookbooks with Aya soon and cannot wait. It was great fun to work on. 😀

Giselle Giselle says:

Zerofatzreturns, is it okay to also copy the recipe pictures for the book?

The Precise Content says:

is it legal to make copyfrom other blog and sell it ?

Cherry Cervantes says:

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Shawn DeWolfe says:

With this book: how many copies did you sell?

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