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CreateSpace: Self-Publishing Thoughts & Tips

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CreateSpace is a POD self-publishing platform affiliated with Amazon. This video explains how I ended up using CreateSpace, a bit about the process, as well as the strengths and weaknesses I’ve found in 15 plus months of using this platform.


Winn Miller says:

I wanted to use create space, only I couldn't figure out their template.  Also, I didn't like that you HAD to get an ISBN–even If you're not quite ready to do that yet.  I went with lulu who doesn't have that ISBN mandate.  There also isn't a minimum to buy through Lulu.  And they DO print in hardback.

KurdtKobain09 says:

Other than ordering a proof of your book, is Createspace entirely free?
And is it only accessible to American authors?

Reading Through History says:

You lied about the Derrick Murphey link below.

M M says:

Ingrumspark review?

Jennifer Kelly says:

How did I start using #CreateSpace ? CreateSpace is a great source for #indieauthors and those new to #selfpublishing . However, like anything, it isn't always perfect!

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