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CreateSpace Tutorial 2017: How to Self Publish a Book to Amazon CreateSpace

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How to Self-Publish a Book on Amazon Kindle (complete tutorial)

Publishing your own book as a paperback is a LOT easier than you think. In this video, I break down exactly how to do it step-by-step by creating a book for you in less than 30 minutes!




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Mede Blac says:

Stop snapping your lips. its annoying but great video. Drink some water.

homerun ! says:

Good job Ben Gothard!

Pam Hemphill says:

I want to use photo's that are uploaded on my phone, now can I get these puctures down loaded for making a book cover and before each chapter..

Pam Hemphill says:

Thank you for making it easy to understand the process. Just wondering how do they print your book and can we get a free copy of it. Does the book need to be in pdf format? I'm writing about Standing Rock protest, titled "Standing Rock A Protest Model of Terror" could use some help?

Zameen Kadir says:

I need help publishing my book, "Merciless Tortures By Obsessions." I need to let the World know my true life experience with trusted in-laws, friends in my home, putting EVIL in our home, food, drink, ROTTEN wife body, separate my children, because of JEALOUSY. I don't want anyone ever live like this, using our D.O.B., name, photos, etc., destroying lives continue over & over

annbxutube says:

Hello, I would look to get some help publishing my book.  I hired a Publisher and they kept my book for a month and a half and then told me that my book did not fit into their style.  Now I want to try the create space approach and publish it myself.

Christos Orphanides says:

Thanks buddy really helpful tutorial !

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