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DBM: My Writing Process (Short Kindle Book Indie Author Thoughts)

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A video talking about my general writing process and method for writing my short kindle boat life books! This isn’t exactly how I write every book but a rough idea of what tends to happen!
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Gash Productions says:

Really appreciate your enthusiasm 🙂

gloomer says:

This was my first time watching one of your videos, and I have to say you're one of the most bright and upbeat people I've ever encountered. I hope your whole day is like that.

goinghomesomeday1 says:

Well done Dan and Thumbs-Up for all you do. Thank you Dan for taking the time to chat to all of us and to invite us into sharing your life, joy and boundless enthusiasm and being just one great guy.
Cheers Dan and Thank-you.

KV1 says:

Hey sir! Been enjoying these videos for a while. Fellow author here, I wish you all the best with your publications. In my own experience, sometimes it can feel pretty good to delete that chunk of text that doesn't sound quite right, although it's deffo better to copy it out to a different document or highlight it in a way that marks it as a bit you're not happy with. That way, you can still write the other version, and won't have to write out the first bit again. Most of the time though, the two versions will come together to make it stronger. Hope this helps, all the best sir, have a good one!

John Smith says:

As you have some writing skills and can tell a story, I'm recalling the story you told of a trip you made to The Thatch at Faddiley along the Shropshire Union Canal. They had a seriously old Thatch restaurant featuring home cooking much like your Nan's. On your return to mooring at Ostwestrey on the Llangellen Canal, you were met by the Vicar at the Ostwestry Church who started telling you of the green grocer who apparently had been arrested on suspicion of having murdered Adam Westman, the largest freehold farmer in the area. The suggestion was that the green grocer was upset that Mr Westman has sold some of his land for a major super market chain who was coming to the village to set up shop and destroy his business. Finish that story. Or tell another of the mysteries along the canals.

Ken Lynch says:

Thanks to all the GREAT Nan's is this world. Where would we be without them ?

Robert Hale says:

Who the hell down voted this?????? What pricks. Keep up the good work there Dan!

Maxboon Boon says:

Oh i like all of your video's! Now i wanna read your books to :DAnd at this moment i am buying a telescoop to watch the moon and stars lolI am a noob with that so have to learn a lot so i wil try and ad you on F.B. and contact you there.Keep it boat worthy and see yah xXxKitty.

Pete Williams says:

That was REALLY sort of interesting;) It's great to have some insight into how the author side of you ticks Dan. It must be very helpful having a proof reader and editor that knows, understands and can be honest with you too. Well done Dan's Nan! 🙂  I'm no good with commas and full stops either..,,. What you also said about needing to be "your own biggest critic," "seeing things from other peoples perspective and being able to take constructive criticism" is a great philosophy to have and I think it shines through in more than just your books mate!

Martyn James says:

I have a question is little bit personal but at school or college were you ever told you may have dyslexia, its a fancy word but in short it means you have trouble with words and sometimes maths when writing. I have it and after see your video I noticed the way your writing process seems to work is the same I write my blog. I don't have someone like your wonderful Nan to read over my work, so I gave up writing books a few years ago. Thank you for taking time out and sharing as always

cycling kiwi says:

im not a book fan

Tivvy Times says:

besides your own work, who do you like to read/audio book?

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