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Ebook FAQ’s – Writing, Publishing and Selling

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You want to write an ebook and sell it, but you still have questions about what to write, how to publish it or how to promote and sell it…

Laurie Varga (of http://laurievarga.ink & http://laurievarga.com ) answers some of the most frequently ask questions about getting your book written and into the hands of readers.

0:37 How to write & sell an ebook in 3 simple steps?

1. Write the words!

– Get it all out rough & fast then organize and refine it.

– If you can’t write well or are really busy, consider hiring a ghostwriter.

– Try writing a small book first then creating a larger piece.

2. Make your book look amazing.

– Hire an editor.

– Hire someone to lay out your ebook.

– Hire a designer to create a standout ebook cover & marketing collateral.

3. Promote the hell out of it

– If no one knows about it, no one will buy it.

– Ebook promotion is either time consuming, expensive or both.

– A good book with no promotion is a dead book. A lousy book with good promotion may get better results.

– Find out who your ideal audience is & where they hang out.

– Use marketing methods that both work for you & appeal to the right audience.

– EXPERIMENT. No two authors will get the same results with the same techniques.

1:36 What’s the best way to format your ebook for kindle?

Super easy –
Lay it out in Word & upload it to Amazon. They convert it for you.

Keep the layout of your ebook simple to avoid running into conversion problems.

Images are difficult to translate well. If you do have images here are a few options –

1. Hire someone with experience to format the ebook.

2. Create a PDF only book.

3. Collect all the images & create a separate PDF, workbook or video for readers to download from your website.


2:54 How do we sell our ebook on wordpress?

Write the book, publish it then promote it on your website.

There are a number of plugins you can add to WordPress to allow you to sell an ebook directly from your site, as well as estores outside your own website that you can list it on.

Don’t sign up for Amazon KDP select if you want to sell or offer your ebook anywhere BUT Amazon.

You can also use your e-mail service to send out the ebook as a free download for signups.

You can also just have an image of the book & a link to your Amazon page.

Payhip is simple & inexpensive

A list of places to sell your ebook –

A more professional solution would be Shopify

3:55 What are some resources to help us create an ebook?

Epub is a popular ebook format, it’s more universal than a Kindle format which is exclusive to Amazon. iBooks uses epub.

How to create an Epub and other formats.

There is free software called Calibre that can convert your book for you.

Another piece of software (MAC only) is Scrivener. It is designed for writers, the writing process & for the output of ebooks. ($45 USD).

5:32 How do you publish an ebook that sells?

1. Write a really good book.

2. Make your ebook look beautiful & professional.

3. Appeal to people’s desires & longings.

4. Then you must market your book as much as possible.

5. Experiment. Don’t assume social media is going to work for you.

6. If you can make your book entertaining that’s a huge bonus!

Patience is also required.

Some good advice from James Altucher – “For success with fiction, write and publish A LOT of books. For non-fiction success, write a book and build a company or program around it.”

In both cases you need to produce quite a bit of quality content; either more writing, courses, videos or articles.

How to make money with kindle ebook? What’s the reality?

There are thousands of ebooks produced every DAY. Most of them will make a few dollars at best. It’s easier to use your book like a giant business card, to gain clients and exposure. It’s harder to make good money. It is possible but a lot of hard work and some luck is involved.

Some more reality: Many people love to write and think they’re good at it. Few actually are.

10:06 How can we create stunning ebook covers?

Hire a pro.

Extra Resources –

Design, layout & print your book for a reasonable price –

Free ebook cover templates -​

Nice ebook cover designs here –

Graphic River for templates and base designs –
Searching for “Book Cover Template” brings up some good results –

Click over to RCUW Forum – http://rcuwomen.com/forum


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