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Ebook publishing and other online publishing strategies

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Visit http://www.virtualmarketing.biz/apps to get instant access to our publishing plan app.

This plan was created for you to ensure you do everything in the easiest, most efficient, most economical and most effective ways possible. Walking you through the 8 steps of the publishing process including; writing, cover design, pre-sales, editing, contents design, proofreading, producing your book and automating your sales funnels, we have included a drop down menu with each stage to show you exactly what you need to do and in what order successfully complete one stage before moving onto the next. We have set what we recommend you do yourself to $0 but if you don’t have anyone to help you with any stage you can’t do yourself just click the add to cart button to let us know you would like us to help you with this stage. We have also included links to samples so you know what we recommend each stage look like and/or what options you have to choose from at any given stage along the way. It’s a fantastic app to walk you step-by-step through absolutely every part of the publishing process. Whether you want to publish a book for pleasure, profit or publicity – this is a pretty awesome app!

Click any of the following links to access a range of free resources also currently available on my website and send me a message if you have any remaining questions after you have instantly received them.

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