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Exactly How I Make $10,000 a Month with Kindle Publishing – KDP Success Series

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In this video I go over how to I have created 10K a month with Kindle Publishing. You will learn some of the key fundamental principles that brought me from 0 to 10K in less than 5 months.

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These are the methods I used to go from ZERO to 10,000 a month in just 6 months selling books on Amazon’s Kindle platform. In part one I break down some of the basic strategies I used.






35DeerHunter says:

this video doesn't really have any information in it besides talking in circles

Nantchev says:

How do you outsource the writing of your books? Cos they do not have the same knowledge as you do.

JoeJacksVids says:

no useful content and website inoperative

Kyle Christopher says:

Did he really have music playing through the whole video?

Summerween dream says:

It took you till 3:00 to even start talking about the point of your video….. and from what I got from this video you didn't write your books?

Dank says:

Crazy! Today I was talking to a "businessman" (I dont think he is one haha) and he told me he doesn't want to help me get successful because I am 16y/o.
But you… thanks alot! I will start with this business! Wish you good luck and sucess in life!
(Sorry for my bad english haha. I am from Switzerland)

Kingdom Amaku says:

This woman can help you write a book, I have tested her service and confirmed her creativity. https://www.fiverr.com/sophiebrown05/write-kindle-short-stories-book-for-publishing

Prettii Kymmii says:

Can you sell other author's books?

Martinez Hanks says:

Just published my first book on Amazon. All thanks to Sophie. I ordered
her gig on Fiverr last two weeks and within 7 days my book was ready, I
got a cover for the book and bam I became an author. Do you need help
writing a book for children? I would recommend https://www.fiverr.com/sophiebrown/write-kindle-children-bestseller-book-for-publishing

Me Gook says:

Okay, thanks for the info. Jam. Much appreciated.

Me Gook says:

Do you need to copyright your ebooks before you post them on kindle?

Chloe B says:

weird can't access your website, it says I don't have permission

Dream Big says:

the music is very distracting !

Postcard Perfect Oregon Coast says:

I have 17 books with lulu

Farid Aleskerov says:

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Sam Montgomery says:

Jason thanks so much for the video, man I loved it. Loved all info, I have a question for you how many pages were your books typically. What were you charging for them ,if you don't mind me asking. Keep the videos coming, One more question were you using Amazon print on demand service, or any audiobook sales via Amazon. Thanks Jason

Truth-Rationale Scientist says:

Has this ever truly worked for you? I need to know because I got to pay for my college education and I wanted to use my actual passion to do so.

ahmadzai6 says:

the music is just a distraction, no need for it mate

Marlyonama says:

I published my first book aprox 76 pages long a couple of weeks ago, and it's barely sold any units. How can one boost sales?

Reading Through History says:

Thanks so much for your help. I'm ready to crush this!

Edwin Tan says:

Thanks Jason for this direct and honest and unselfish sharing. I am just about to start to do ebook publishing and. your sharing has motivated me

Freedom Business Lab says:

weed also helps

Adele Smith says:

I wrote four Kindle e-books last year, but they were fiction. I earned $2 apiece on them and nothing since their release. I'm going to try again, but so far Kindle is no money machine. I will give nonfiction/how to books a try next.

Lore Wunmi says:

How do you publish children illustration book in kindle please

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