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Following His Passion Through Kindle Publishing – #1 Best Selling Author Dale L Roberts

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Dale has been an up and coming entrepreneur within the book / self publishing community who I’ve personally seen have some incredible successes in the last month.

Dale like many of us started off chasing money and ultimately spinning his wheels with his business. We talk about his story of struggle and ultimately the turning points to bring him where he is today!

Too often we see videos of people making a “zillion dollars” and we sometimes turn off to hearing the message due to the level of success they have achieved. Dale will without question grow his business to a huge success but it is a great opportunity to get a snap shot of someone who may only be 3 or 4 steps ahead of you for inspiration!

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Dog Dad says:

This video changed my life. Thanks Dewan.

WakeUpFulfilled.com says:

No matter what, you've got to always follow your passion in life and always keep learning. -Harold Hamm

blissful meditation says:

This advice is Gold Dust. Thank you.

Qing Long says:

This video honestly deserves way more views, just subscribed to your channel dewan and been an avid fan of kbook promotion, looking forward to V7. Dale is truly 1 of the most sincere person I have met online, spoke to him a couple of times in FB and he is definitely living up to his motto 8 months on from the date of video, add me to your list of motivated people!

Sky Blylevin says:

Marvelous video. What separates Dale from other Kindle guys is that he's an actual brand and sticks to that brand. The others merely search for the flavor of the month, hire out, and count the beans.

Yamaya Cruz says:

Great video, very inspiring.

Mantius Cazaubon says:

Good stuff!

Grant says:

Great video thanks for the post 🙂

Valerie Parakin says:

There are 2 niches that I will be building in …………. both are important to me, and I am not willing to give up either. They are VERY different from each other, so does it make sense to do a pen name for one of them??

Insurance Secure Life says:

Wow! I love it's brro. Go ahead.

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