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formatting your google doc for kindle book

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How to format your google document for a kindle book. best practices


Federico Latini says:

rally helping, thanks

Leanne Halyburton says:

Thank you, this really helped me. I now have two books for sale on Amazon Kindle!

Lauren LoSchiavo says:

How come you didn't use the option to change all your headings to match how you set the first?

B4D P4X says:

Hi,Your information was simple and straight forward.  Thank you so much.I'm a type of person that when I tell a story, people like to listen, because I mix a lot genres into my story.  It's easy when I'm looking at their faces and interacting with reactions and their body languages, but to write a story?  I don't know.  I know I'm a good story teller, (thanks to my Grandma, may she rest in peace), and now I want to start writing my stories.  I've been looking for a down-to-earth, no-beat-around-the-bush teacher and I think you may be the one.  I was just wondering if you can be one of those people who checks out a book first before release and in return I give you a free copy of the book when it is formally released.Please let me know what you think about it.  Thank in advance.Kind Regards,BADPAX

Marcus Emel says:

Thank you so much!!

Michael Ciotta says:

This was pretty helpful :). I've been writing with Google Drive for over 2 years now and I didn't know that it was possible to use that table of contents thingy lol.

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