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How I Make 11K a Month with Kindle Direct Publishing

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Dalton Scott says:

Thanks man!

seattleareatom says:

What I can’t figure out is why would someone write a book for anyone else
and not sell it on Kindle as their own?

Maxim Lee says:

what no one talks about and i have watch alot of these videos is….
copyright…what is to stop a writer getting copyright and then stinging

Pablo Rodriguez says:

Hey Dalton, thanks a lot for your wide open info about Kindle, is very
useful for me in this moment. Just a tip for your video; when you are
finishing, you show two fingers and say “peace” but in England they find it
offensive, is like a f**k finger in America. Is something you can easily
change for English viewers. Thanks a again and see you in the next video.

Ice Pick says:

I am having a hard time hiring good writers.Can you offer some direction on
who, or where to find those who are experienced and talented? Thanks!

Keith Waller says:

Great info and honestly very impressive! I’m looking forward into getting
more info from you and your upcoming videos.

Angela H says:

Can’t wait to see it. I have always wanted to do this

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