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How I Self-Published my Comic Books (and you can too!)

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Someone once told me that there’s a book inside all of us. I don’t know if that’s true or not – but a little over a year ago, I decided to take the plunge and try to self publish a book.

Fast forward 9 months: I have two comic books published and a third on its way. The profits are enough that my husband and I can focus on this full-time.
We’re having a blast.

I’ve been approached by a couple publishers since my second book came out and I’ve said “no” to everyone. I love self-publishing; I wouldn’t change it for the world.

If you have any questions that this video didn’t answer, please ask away!
I’m going to making more videos about self-publishing!

Btdubs, this is not a sponsored video. I just wanted to give a full walkthrough to what I think is the best way to self-publish your book.

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David Smith says:

Big ups on the MS Paint cover. I did that with my last book also. XD

choochoochooseyou says:

You have beautiful eyes

WierdGlitteryCats says:

How do u draw a cover for your book yourself?

Erin Carr says:

How much would you say everything cost you? Was there more than just the ISBN and bar code?

josephboot1 says:

Thank you so much for making this video, I'm working on a graphic novel and was wondering what steps to take when i finish, this helps a lot.

Dee Marie says:

How do you copyright a book? or is that done when you purchase an ISBN?


Hello, just completed my first children's book and I'm in the process of creating an account with CreateSpace.com. Should I use the free ISBN that they offer or buy my own?

Hailey Hawes says:

I feel so torn between self publishing and traditional. I want to have a lot of rights over it, but I'm not good enough at social media to get it out there. I'm on it constantly haha, but I don't have blogs or a Youtube channel.

Yaroon's Cartoons says:

Very useful info. Thanks!

Chris Kawagiwa says:

Great info! And fun vlogs~

Yezid Ramirez says:

your hot

Chris Holmes says:

Good information I have 3 books out now and use the resources you suggested.

Alan Gi says:

Yo. You need a design? I can help with that :p

The Doll Scholar says:

I hear it's a great idea to start your own publishing business. It comes with benefits like deducting anything you buy that you need to create the book. I will be doing that, and am just spreading the news around lol.

Morgan Tracy J says:

so helpful!! thank you

quest 34667 says:

thanks and…………………WHY ARE YOU IN TOKYO?!?!?!

Natural says:

Thanks for the informative videos. I watch a lot of the other J-Vloggers as well! I had a question though. What program did you use to format your book? If you don't mind me asking. Seems so difficult to do on Microsoft Word.

Dan Lea (Dudeydan77) says:

this is exactly what i need! thanks so much for the helpful info, hopefully i will have my graphic novel published soon 🙂 seriously you're a lifesaver, and im subscribed! thankyou

TechWizPC says:

Doesn't Amazon provide the ISBN already?

Kenny Johnson says:

i simply love your energy. you are an inspiration. i will self publish my second book. my first book was The Last Hustle. This second will be done by me. Saw your video and now we are firmly ready to go forth. Thanks

Chuck Pumphrey says:

First two books published through I universe. Ouch! So expensive and little to no real help.

elchavodelosho says:

What's happening Grace! Firstly, thank you for posting this video. Super duper helpful, and simple. Love it.
Anyways, had a question about Kindle editions versus printed versions. Are you able to make your kindle and print copies slightly different? I want to include a section in my Kindle that's digital specific, and entices people to click through and sign up for my email list. For this I would need my print copy to be a little different.

Thanks heaps in advance and cheers from Californ-I-A!- Robin


great video! question: if you did it through createspace (and it's sold on Amazon), is it sold at any other online stores like Barnes and Noble? if so, do you need a separate ISBN and barcode for books selling outside of Amazon?

Walking Corpse says:

I want to publish a comic book, I am currently working with a local but professional artist. How do I go ahead and get copyright protection for my character?

izaya orihara says:

its easy to publish a comic book yurebjust gonna habe to photo copy it XD:

Matthew Cuevas says:

You look like Felicity Jones from Rogue One

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