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How to Format a Book for Amazon Kindle – Ebook Publishing School 2.0 Video 1 – (2016 Update)

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In video 1 from Ebook Publishing School updated for 2016, Tom Corson-Knowles, #1 Amazon bestselling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible and founder of TCK Publishing shows you how to format your book for Amazon Kindle for free using Microsoft Word on a Windows PC.

If you use a Mac instead, you’re in luck! I created a special tutorial video for Mac users where I show you how to format your eBook for Kindle with a Mac: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sMzotvhGQg

Note: The free eBook formatting templates for Kindle for fiction and nonfiction are only available for download at http://www.ebookpublishingschool.com

Learn how we can help get your book published and professionally marketed by TCK Publishing at http://www.tckpublishing.com/publish-your-book/

Get more hands-on Kindle publishing and marketing training in The Complete Kindle Publishing Course: https://www.udemy.com/kindle-publishing-course/

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Meek Heart says:

Good advice brother. Thanks.

Sante ski de fond ej says:

I have learned a lot with this video thanks √Čric J

Roy Naraine says:

Great material and very well-presented. Thank you Tom.

Christmas Philip says:

working on it

N. Larl says:

Why not just use the "clear formatting" button in Word?

oldproji says:

Great video and very helpful. Can you please make a video showing how to set up a page in MS Word. For example: tabs; margins; indenting and so on. Who ever said the young couldn't show the old a trick or two?

Ken Caminiti says:

Hey I'm having this very weird problem. All my chapters and my table of contents seem fine. But my title page is coming out different on previewers and the email I sent to my kindle containing the manuscript document. At first I had the title and author name centered but on the first previewer it came off wrong and I had to make it to where it looked completely off on the word document but showed up straight on the previewer. Then I tried it on another previewer and it looked completely different as did it for the email.

Both downloaded previewers are from the Kindle website and I've also used their online previewer. The emailed document came out the worst as it has extra spaces that don't show up in any of the previewers. Also I noticed my acknowledgements title is off a bit. So titles are the issue. Do you know anything about these problems and which previewer is the most accurate?

Brandon Ross says:

Thanks for sharing this valuable information. My purpose in writing my book: "The Poop Glasses" is to share about the dangers of having a bad attitude. A bad attitude can make everything stink in life. Also, I have a background in ministry as a pastor and worship leader and I want to share the Biblical answers of how to take off the poop glasses and have a better perspective on life. I have many topics that I want to cover in future books that I think will be a blessing to people and add value to their lives. It's like when you go to a great restaurant and want to share the experience with others so they can taste and see how good it is. Likewise, I want to share the good things God has and still is teaching me and pass that blessing on to others. One specific question I have is this. I downloaded a template from a guy online that is supposed to be in the proper kindle format is there a way I could email that to you and see if you can tell me if it looks right? Thanks again.

Mitch Kanaan says:

Tremendous video and instructional info. User friendly and complete. Thanks.

infinitea says:

can't really follow this with a mac.

Roger Easton says:

Thank you so much for this Tom. I have learned more in 38 minutes than years on my own. This has been a life saver. My first book is coming together nicely now. Thanks again!

purplejesus28 says:

dont worry about answering that

purplejesus28 says:

If i used LibreOffice to write the book, do you still have to move it to another file before you transfer it?

omzone says:

Hi Tom,

I saved my Ebook as a "web page filtered" and uploaded it to KDP. I previewed the formatting before publishing it and everything looked good. However, when it went live, the "Look Inside The Book" page was a mess and after several tries I cannot fix the formatting on the LITB page.

Before watching your video, I was told that if saved the Ebook as a Word document, the formatting would be jumbled. Should I just save it as a Word document and see what happens? Thanks for your help

mydogspet says:

If you do this for a living can you contact me with a price for formatting a Book. Thanks.

Judy Watters says:

I don't have a simple style on my style set. I'm using Word 2010

mydogspet says:

I'm loving this. Thank you so much!

SED Property Line says:

Excellent, thank you a lot

saleem faeq says:

u have avery nice library behind

Clifton Elleston says:

am looking for a publisher TCK! contact me please.

ihath says:

My goal is to tell stories that bring people from diverse backgrounds together.

DarkHartMedia says:

Thanks for sharing this I really appreciate your help so much this is great tom.

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