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How To Format a Kindle Book for PC – Ebook Publishing School

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In this video, Tom Corson-Knowles, #1 Amazon bestselling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible and founder of TCK Publishing shows you How To Format a Kindle Book using Microsoft Word for PC.

Are you a Mac user? Watch the Mac Kindle formatting tutorial instead at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sMzotvhGQg

Learn more at http://www.ebookpublishingschool.com

Get your book published by TCK Publishing at http://www.tckpublishing.com/publish-your-book/


Tom Corson-Knowles says:

+John DeWitt Please contact me at tckpublishing.com before using my videos
in your membership site

Tom Corson-Knowles says:

+MAUREEN ALTER You have to have it in one file to publish on Kindle. Put
all your chapters into one file and then upload one file.

Tom Corson-Knowles says:

+ikantdanz That problem would probably be caused by not hitting enter after
your headings such that MS Word thinks the entire block of text is all the
same paragraph

sherry elizabeth Barnett says:

Wow. This video saved my freaking sanity. Mr. Corson-Knowles is not only a
great instructor and easy to listen to follow, but he is direct and to the
point! I don’t understand why Amazon/Kindle doesn’t just lay it on the line
like this gentleman has done. But then again, maybe I DO understand why
they don’t! And forget learning anything on the Kindle Publishing Forums!
The so called “forum help” is nothing but a lot of arrogant, clandestine,
poser-pseudo-authors clashing with one another. La de dah to them…I am
moving forward with the publication of my Ebook now that I found this
teacher. Thanks so much for the help! I think I love you!

John Olsson says:

You don’t mention internal links (other than table of contents) or tables
(not table of contents – other tables, with data) – either in this video or
in the formatting ‘bible’ which I just bought. Any advice on these matters
would be welcome. Many thanks

The HomeSchool Chess Club Youtube Channel says:

Tom! Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to put all of this great info to
work. If the information is as easy to implement as it was to watch &
understand your video, I should be commanding an income doing what I love
in no time. Power to the authors! //||\ 

drolla48 says:

Good video very helpful!

Trent Lucier says:

Hi Tom, nice video. One thing I can’t figure out though: in your MS Word
view, the text looks big like in a Kindle (example: 7:54). However, it
seems like your Normal font sizes are still 11. How come your Word files
look so much like a Kindle?

Wendy Peterson says:

Tom, I notice your TOC doesn’t have the underlined chapter links that many
have in their ebooks. I tried eliminating the underlines by turning
hyperlinks into a style with no underlined links; however, when I preview
the result in mobi, the underlines are back. How have you managed it?

AftabSyed says:

thank you bro, quite an information video on youtube!

Tianna Henry says:

Your channel is amazing, you offer quality content, I love it.
Just wondering, can you make a video on how you make the template pls

Terry Gorry says:

Excellent video-thanks.

Luke Materazzi says:

Its amazing how some people try to charge for this information. Thanks for
this upload sir, very useful. 

Bob McElligott says:

Thanks Tom. I have 3 books published but had the hardest time formattiing
them. Dan already asked but can you tell us which Word you’re using. I see
there’s a Word Publishing. I’d just like to make sure I get the one I know
is going to work as you’ve shown here.

beetlebub2000 says:

I know this is now over a year old, but I just discovered it and it’s new
to me. Thanks for taking the time to do and share this–great job, very
clear and thorough. 

ikantdanz says:

I am having such a hard time formatting my Word doc for the Kindle. I
formatted my headings, and all my paragraphs changed. I formatted my
paragraphs and all my headings changed. It’s getting incredibly

Veloci Raptor says:

Hey Tom, thanks for this tutorial. I’m in the process of having my
family’s children’s ebook published through Kindle. I’m having a problem
in terms of formatting the pictures to fit the entire page so that it would
fit the entire screen on a kindle product or any other e-reader for that
matter. I’m technically challenged so whatever the techs from kindle are
emailing me is a struggle for me. I’m using Office 2003, which, yes, is an
old software, but I thought maybe you might have a suggestion on how to
take a picture to make it fit the entire screen, in laymen’s term, that
is. I’d appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you – Vince

bob hosie says:

Thanks Tom for sharing. I”m brand new to all of this. I”m currently writing
a book about how to grow Prize Winning Tomatoes. I’m hoping that it all
goes well! Thanks

Venus Burris says:

Oh hsppy day! 

Jay E says:

Thank you for the video. Excellent content!

Gene J. says:

I am having a difficult time getting my images in my eBook to download on
Amazon Kindle. My secretary and I have tried to do a zip file but all
people see on my book is a camera with a red triangle. How do we fix this?

Admiral Bolitho says:

Maureen, I have the same question regarding separate chapters. How did you
resolve it? Great Video by the way, Tom.

Zecia says:

Tom, thank you, so, so much! I was struggling with the editing process
until I found your video. Very instructive. The e-book looks wonderful now

Emma Right says:

I have had the hardest time converting my word doc to the
kindle upload-able version. So I searched high and low on how to do this,
with a simple youtube video that would be simple even for a techie dummy
like me. And this video ios about the easiest to follow. So I hope you
will benefit. I don’t get a cent from this guy or anyone…just thought
you’d benefit, fellow authors. 


Qustion my book is in seperate files by chapter, how do I attach the whole
book to kindle because I tried to send each file one at a time but it only
grabbed the last page, can you help? Stuck on stage 5. Know Amazon is
saying its better to have the files in html as well.

rokr6378 says:

What is Micsoff Word???


Thank you so much. Question: When I adjusted the paragraph to align
“justified”, some of the words had immense space towards the other. How can
I fix this?

Garrick McFadden says:

Not helpful at all, for how to format a Kindle doc. If you want to learn
about how to monetize your book so more…great video. If you want to learn
how to format at Kindle ebook, keep searching.

John DeWitt says:

Hey Tom, I absolutely LOVE this video. Is it OK if I post it on my
marketing site? I also wanted to know how to get to the URL for the review
page after it is published. It keeps saying I am not permitted to leave a
review because I am the author. Thanks! Here is the link to the book… if
you need that to get to the review page.

Joann Evans says:

Thank you – this video was very helpful!

Michael Loring says:

Thank you so much for posting this tutorial! I had been getting complaints
about my self-published stories not being properly formatted on Kindle and
I had no clue how to fix that problem until I found this video! Thank you!

Rita Romero says:

hi Tom. Great information. I want to buy your books, but not in Kindle
format. Want to gt a pdf version for my PC. Is there a pdf version of your
books that I can purchase? Please advise.

Ed Brooks says:

Tom, can you send me the link to the video for the MAC version of “How To
Format a Kindle Book – Ebook Publishing School “?

Marcos Trombetta says:

That is really helpfull. Thank you guy.

Jaya Nicolet says:

Thanks so much Tom! As a new writer of erotic romance, your books have been
an invaluable resource to me. Your presentation style, both on Kindle and
video, is very straightforward and engaging. I look forward to reading and
learning more from you!

mikeminute says:

Excellent video. Extremely helpful. I have three questions: 1.) do I add
the hyperlinks after I have copy and pasted content to a text doc like Word
Pad? 2.) can I add hyperlinks into JPEGs I have inserted into my Word doc?
3.) can I add frames around some of my JPEG images in the Word doc? Thanks
for your help. I already LIKED your Facebook page.

Farida Mirza says:

Very informative. Helped me a lot. Thanks. Is your ‘How to Upload to
Kindle’ available now?

thekel09 says:

Hey, how do you get rights to your book before publishing it?

Hey Rob Gould says:

thanks, Tom

john moody says:

what is correct space at sides?

Dan Camarda says:

What version of Word are you using? I have Office 2013 and there are some
options you have that don’t appear. I’ll have to Google some of it I
suppose. No biggie. But, still, I’m curious – is this Word 2010? 2007?

Lisa Cline says:

A Wonderful video!! Thanks for the help!!!

KnowJesusKnowPeace says:

I did not copy-paste into and out of a text document. However, I previewed
my ebook using the KDP online previewer. I previewed in all the mediums,
and corrected small problems through a few revisions. Is there any
expectation of formatting problems for readers?

Joe Jacobson says:

Great job and the video. I do have one question: what about the size of the
document? Isn’t there a setting in Word to select page size (like 6×9)?
Seems like I remember someone telling me that. Thanks, Joe.

Irie LeeOrg says:

What is the biggest book you have written, how long did it take and do you
use Dragon Naturally Speaking to do your books?

John DeWitt says:

These videos are phenomenal! I would love to include them in my marketing
membership page. Would that be ok? And, if so, would I just post the
playlist into my site? Keep up the good work!

Sue Allen says:

This was really a big help.

Secure Online says:

Excellent video!

Tom Corson-Knowles says:

It doesn’t matter for Kindle books. If you just use the Simple style set,
it will work out perfectly.

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