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How to Format a Manuscript for Self Publishing

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This video is a basic rundown of some things to know when formatting a manuscript for self publishing.

I am a self-published author, and have been working in the publishing industry for the past five years. This video is just a few little tips I’ve picked up while in college and in the field.


Misai Chan says:

Does anyone know how to get rid of the header and footer with Windows Microsoft Word? I don't have a "format" tab or "document" tab that I can see on my version, and every time I try to put the header and footer at zero the text just disappears. :/

Histopian Order says:

i be happy to be lynched by you

John Hoover says:

I find that the video was very straight to the point, with detailed information that was really what I was searching for. I maybe able to write my book for self publishing. I am so happy to have a video to learn from. The easy of the words used made the commentary seem easy. The accent made me feel so welcoming. Thank you so much. Now I am considering reading your books.

FaraJi says:

Great video. I learned a lot

Holly A. Kline says:

Thank you so much for demonstrating how to remove the header and footer in the front matter.

Brenda Kennedy says:

Thank you so much

Big Twon Entertainment says:

Thanks for making this tutorial. I've searched for a long time for a video like this, that clearly explains how to format the pages. I have a book that I wrote by hand in late 2015, and today I feel more confident that I'll be a be able to have it published.

Darryl Miller says:

Rebecca thanks. You are a great instructor. Keep up the good work.

YatLuvBooks says:

Thank you so much for making this video! You made it easier to understand. It helps a lot! thanks!

Min. Kate says:

thank you thank you thank you

Regina Rushing says:

Thank you for making this 'feel' easy!

god almight-the truth says:

thank you for putting this up..you helped   A  LOT!

Sandip says:

i am going to publish my book soon on amazan kdp, but the problem is i dont have an ISBN, now is there be any problem, if i dont put ISBN on my copyright page,cz i dont have any

Misau Pene says:

Thanks very helpful.

Angela Marie says:

can you please tell me how do I start out with the copyright I'm going to try and type a manuscript

Alea Re'treat says:

Hi, Why didn't you use Create Space? I notice that Lulu royalties are less than Create space royalties.

The7nUp says:

thanks for the video!

dreamwolves6 says:

Thank you…you've helped me so much!

I'm not here says:

First thing- are we related? XD. Anyways, I'm trying to get rid of the headers and page numbers from my front page, copyright, table of contents, but I cant seem to do so. Also, what line spacing did you use to print your book? Im in the processing of re-editng my book, but I can't seem to figure out what I should use.

Raven Von Krieger says:

I actually happen to have OpenOffice Writer.

SB Crews says:

Great video! Thanks so much!!

Arismendy Peguero says:

You were very helpful.
Great work.

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