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How to Format an Ebook for Kindle with Mac Using Microsoft Word – Ebook Publishing School

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In this video, Tom Corson-Knowles, #1 Amazon bestselling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible series and founder of TCK Publishing shows you How To Format a Kindle Book using Microsoft Word for Mac.

This ebook formatting process also works currently for Nook and Kobo, and is very similar to the process you would need to use to format your ebook for Smashwords.

If you have a PC instead of a Mac, watch this video instead for the PC MS Word ebook formatting tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YQXLbzk5RY

Learn more at http://www.ebookpublishingschool.com

Get your book published with by TCK Publishing at http://www.tckpublishing.com/publish-your-book/


Angel heaven says:

I have window anyway, I am frustrated with finishing my book and then the format changes when uploaded to kindle ,so stressed from it.

ButrosJewelry says:

wait shouldnt u start with page size?

Laety Bach-Nès says:

This guy is just the PERFECTION in his field!! Waoooh…! I've been searching for a whole week, and through all channels – including Apple-, day and night, "how to make my hyperlinks in the table of contents" for an ebook (using Mac). Everything that I tried did not work… until I found this video. Thank you Tom !!!!! Thank you soooooo much!! My book is now published. Guess what? I'm now struggling with the paper version of the cover,: I want to keep the special fonts of my title, therefore using the kindle templates is impossible….. I downloaded Gimp but apparently this is not supported by Mac… Has anyone of you created the cover with Powerpoint ? Or does anyone has a suggestion for a product matching Mac, and easy to convert into PDF ?

jamesgang creative communications says:

Do the page numbers automatically appear depending upon the type of reader you are using? And can you have headers?

Gary J says:

What version of Word are you using? I am on mac:2008. Just started watching and will see if this helps: The book is written, was published on Amazon, with headers/footers/pagination/left right/ odd even, Table of contents. Just curious

janetcbass says:

Thanks so much. Clear and succinct.

Robin Kirby Gatto says:

Thanks for video Tom! When uploading it to kindle from this word doc file on a mac is there a page size that you have already selected and also what do i save it as to upload like doc, dox, html or what?


Greg Little says:

Excellent info; though a bit fast for my little brain. I have my book saved on a MAC, which I use daily. It is also saved on my PC using Windows, which I use sparingly. Would it be much easier to publish it to Kindle using my PC?

J. Reuben Silverbird says:

I am using MS Word 13 (365) Seems like what you're using is either an older one, because it differs from mine. Help? jsilverbird@hotmail.com

Andy Fumolo says:

Great tutorial. Can I also use colors for headings or in the text.
I am using 100 pictures in my e-book. What would be the best size (like 640×380) to show nicely on a kindle reader?


thanks. you answered many questions. livewelltoday! sd

Yamaya Cruz says:

Great video, very helpful for mac users.

Robert Schoolcraft says:

Thanks Tom;
I spent several weeks trying to convert my graphic play to epub, to no avail. Somehow my illustrations were not coming out at all. I kept getting an error message -Like 'Girlybunches 2 months ago'…
My artwork files were small jpg so I could not figure out what was wrong…
Then I saw your video, with the suggestion to run the text through editpad.org and it worked.

What was wrong? one carriage return was not in the right format.



Brianna Nash says:

Hi +TomCorson-Knowles, I don't have the Simple style choice. I'm on Word 365, is there something different now?

Anthony Williams says:

thanks but i can't find the link to download the free template. I have spent 15 minutes. Please help, this is frustrating.

Julián Zuluaga Serna says:

Thank you so much, Tom.
Excuse me, I have a question:
Can I insert bullets or numbering, using Word's tools ?
Is there any problem with that?

Thanks again.

Girlybunches says:

Thank you for a very helpful video, I'm currently having lots of trouble adding images, when I preview the book they come up with a error warning image, is that the previewer of is it my images do you think.? I was wondering if the images were too large, but I get the same problem after reducing the size. Thanks again for a very helpful video 🙂

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