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How to Format an ebook for Kindle/Amazon Publishing in UNDER 10 Mins!

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How to Format an ebook for Kindle/Amazon Publishing in UNDER 10 Mins!
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Want To Make Your First $1000 With Kindle Publishing?

Do you know that you can format your own ebook for Kindle Publishing in under 10 minutes and save yourself tons of money! Yup, you can. In this video, I show you exactly how I format my own ebooks using MS Word.

For new Kindle publishers I think learning how to format your book is an essential skill. It gives you the power to make changes to your book without having to hire a formatter, it also allows you to personalize your ebooks your own way. I formatted all my books myself when I started Kindle publishing, its quick and easy and in this video I show you exactly how I do it.

If you are looking at formatting your book for Createspace make sure you check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdsXRlEs_zk

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Theresia Riggs says:

Great video! Thanks!

Catherine Copp says:

Hi Emeka, thanks for your video. My MS Word looks different from yours. When I do the TOC I get automatic links to the chapter content, but it is control+click instead of click that takes me there. Is this going to be a big difference for my readers once my book is published? Its my first ebook. Thanks.

Psychology in Tamil says:

Hi I am a Dr Jithendra a Psychologist, you really helped me a lot in publishing my very first book. Thank you !

ilovepizzandpotatoes says:

incredible useful video

Susan Burgess says:

Nice clear description!

Phalanx is Stronk says:

Keep up the good work man! You are quite helpful!
As for my experience, Im currently finishing the last pages of my work. Its quite overwhelming and now there is still lots of things to do!

Plue Love says:

Click here to leave a link for this page? How do I add a direct link for my viewers???

Zeitgeist says:

Do you still ask for reviews at the end of every book?

AllThingzJEN says:

Great video! Thanks! Why can't or shouldn't we use page numbers for a kindle ebook? What happens if you do?

Muna Abu Gosseisa says:

Thanks for this great and simple tutorial. I'm about to format my Arabic e book to publish. My question is: how can I be back to the table of content after going to a chapter?

Michael Estafo says:

Awesome vid man, thank you for sharing!

GatorNikki says:

Can we include images throughout the book? I've not read anything about how to include them. Thank you for this!

Cassidy London says:

THANK YOU!!! Best video out of the thousands I watched today! I finally understood how to format correctly and my ebook looks awesome.

Karen Rands says:

Thank you!  just the fact jack and in an easy straight forward way and it is RELEVANT for today… saw half dozen other videos that were OLD and so much fluff.

Louie Magnifico says:

hey, nice video. I follow how you format your ebook example, but when i format my own ebook,published it and saw it on amazons kindle preview it was not good. Did I missed something, may be the page break is not usefull, it cuts my paragraph ang lots of spaces came out. Can you help me about this? thank you in advance Sir.

Bible Journey Book says:

Wow thank you so much for sharing! I've paid people to format my Kindle ebooks and they all look a hot mess. I would even pay different people to fix it and they still will change all of my font and format completely. They would even lowercase some of my letters. It drove me crazy. I always wanted to do it myself but had no idea where to start. I figured I could do it because it seems like an easy job because it would get done quick. I'm pretty tech savvy so I knew I could one day figure it out. I'm incredibly thankful for your video! I was able to format my book this morning in just a few minutes. KDP even revealed my grammatical errors so I could easily fix them and not have to tiredly search. I'm so happy! Thank you!

JC Spirit says:

Would you go through LuLu.com?LuLu says they put your book through multiple companies Or should I just stay with kindle? Kindle puts it out right away I heardLuLu takes a month to post them up

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