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How to Make Passive Income with Kindle Publishing on Amazon

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In this video, I’ll walk you step by step how I became a best-selling Amazon Kindle author without even trying.

The best part of this is that back in college there was a teacher who said I had written the worst paper she’s read. Flash forward two years and I have a best-selling tech/social media marketing book on the Amazon Kindle store. What changed? I started thinking of books as assets and forms of passive income, not works of literature. Remember, it says BESTSELLING author, not BEST WRITTEN author. You don’t even have to write these books yourself. In this tutorial, I will show you how to outsource your writing, cover design, and uploading for around $50.

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Natasha Banky says:

I intend to write my own book based on the feedback and interest received on articles i've published on my blogsite. I really like your idea about turning topics of interest into mini books, and i'm giving this some serious consideration. Thank you Clark, for a thoughtful and well put together step by step of how to put together these Kindle books!

Mr Blogger says:

Where can I get your book for free?

Baldeep Birak says:

Great tips Clark

theoverman88 says:

I read that you cannot put Amazon affiliate links in your Kindle ebooks, and I even emailed Amazon Associates and they confirmed that this is not allowed. But I read in other places that many people are doing it and that it's fine. It's really confusing. I put some affiliate links in my e-book (not Amazon links) and the book was published and is live so seems to be no issue. But I'm still not sure…

Alex Cavin says:

This is a brand new fresh method for pulling $100+ per day from a standing start. It is a full case study with real results! Just Search Google it, SULUDOLLARHOME. COM

Oscar Cordes says:

Hey Clark. You say we can get your "YouTube Success Formula" book for free. How?
By the way, love your videos!!

Dieter Rausch says:

Just send my KMoney purchase confirmation and it returned with "address not found" – can you check please?

EdgeofDavid says:

Nice vid Clark. what people need I think is more of a tutorial on how to actually format the book. I know for me, that is the biggest mental block because it's such a headache. I sell 1 book on Amazon and I've used InDesign to create ebooks for websites. But The Amazon format for Kindle is annoying as my books always come out with odd formatting. Maybe I'l make a vid on this for my own sanity 🙂

Belton Manhica says:

Oh, what a great video . When I started watching your videos I though you were that kind of ambitious people who just care about money and add no value to people's lives. Now I can see a great value that your videos are bringing to my life. I also noticed a great improvement in your videos. Very nice Job. Keep on doing that

Linkard says:

Awesome video! Is there a particular software you used for the writing process? (and things like ebook formatting)

madeline vicioso says:

Do you know how I can have my book on Barnes & Noble stores??

Adam Del Duca says:

Clark you're the man I love this consistently posted content! Keep grinding!

Marlin L says:

I like the motivational quotes idea, if I don't use my own made up quotes would I just give credit whom it's written. Y? Do I need to get permission from the writer? That confuses me.

Carlos Dias says:

Thanks Clark

Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says:



Clark, Some of ur Videos really makes my day like this one. Thanks for giving value to Us & no garbage stuff. Awesome.


It is awesome Clark. I am currently writing a book & ur words will definitely help to shape it in a perfect way. No of page was also a concern for me as I was wondering how much is perfect. But that is cleared now.

Ed Tolleson Jr says:

Great video!

Jeremy Ferguson says:

A lot of people in this business say Amazon has beèn actively suing students of these courses and some methods they promote. Also the outsourcing individuals on Fiverr and such. Amazon is changing all their rules to prevent abuse and these course are no longer relevant. Just what I heard. Be careful, friends.

Mathieu Norry says:

Impressive speaking as ever Clark, one of the most articulate and well read people on you tube

gogadget go says:

great info mate, cheers!

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