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How To Produce And Self-Publish An Adult Coloring Book With Meg Cowley

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Based on the tips in this interview, I published an English Country House and Garden Fine Art Colouring Book: http://viewbook.at/colouring1 and also a Companion Colouring Notebook http://viewbook.at/notebook1

Meg Cowley is an author and illustrator. She writes the fantasy series, Books of Caledan, and also writes and illustrates the children’s book series, Diary of a Secret Witch. She also produces Adult Colouring Books, which we’re talking about today.

On the reason for Meg’s shift into coloring books.

The difference between sales in fiction and sales in coloring books.

Tips about what makes the best kind illustration for an adult coloring book.

Information about the important rights illustrators need to retain in order to publish their coloring books.

The digital tablet Meg uses to create her illustrations, and specific details about the images she uses.

On cover design, and thoughts on colour vs. black and white, and book size and layout.

Using keywords for best ranking in Amazon and the cross-genre appeal of coloring books.

The paper choices available and what works best for coloring books.

Creating other products from illustrations.

Marketing and advertising coloring books, and the pros and cons of selling in person at craft fairs.

You can find Meg at www.MegCowley.com and on twitter @meg_cowley


Martha Martin says:

You are an inspiration for me. I have over 100 hand drawn mandalas sitting in a notebook waiting to become an adult coloring book. I actually contacted a publishing company in 2005 before adult coloring blew up and the publisher laughed at my idea to make an adult coloring book. Silly guy. As a busy parent of twins and life hitting me with some huge challenge I am now ready to publish. In this video you showed a book you made with stickers in it. Did you publish that with Amazon?

Iris Acheson says:

OMG! I appreciate your video so much. I'm not crazy after all, other people like to color also. I have notebooks of coloring's and in my spare time, I doodle  like all the time. It relieves my stress. Now, I want to do what else I can do or learn with coloring, I'm ready to take the next step.

Adele Smith says:

WOW! FOUR THOUSAND COLORING BOOKS A DAY!!!!!!!! I guess we authors all better start making coloring books for a side income stream. Hey, maybe we could make coloring books to go along with our novels or nonfiction. It may be another good marketing tool. 🙂

Adrián Briones Yeste says:

Thank you for this interview, its amazing to hear some answers to my questions. I think it is really well thought and lovely done. Keep your work, and thanks again to Meg for sharing all her knowledge, it really helps. 😀 Greatings from Berlin

Kylie Johnson says:

Hi there Meg, wow you are so inspiring and so kind to share to us all!! with the The Creative Penn did i read somewhere that we can't use foil print. the shiny gold kind of finish? thanks you in advance xx

tattoo tiff says:

very informative…thankyou!

Mela Crane says:

Please an you add sub titles I am deaf and would so like to be able to follow the video

CoffeeBreakDMV says:

This was SO HELPFUL!!!
Fantastic interview! I am motivated & inspired!

H.C.Brown says:

Hi I just started watching you channel (mostly because I'm self publishing art books and comics) and I heard your trying to make the art into a vector. It's super super simple if you have adobe Illustrator- because it has a "live trace" feature, which means it basically will just make it a vector for you, idk just thought you should know.

Yusra Al Qassab says:

I want to buy your colouring book I have collection of colouring books I will try to buy it ??????

Yusra Al Qassab says:

that's amazing good luck with your beautiful work :);)♡♡♡

Micah Buzan says:

I'm in the process of producing my first adult coloring book.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom! I checked out your books on amazon. Beautiful artwork.

Sheryl Davis says:

Awesome information thanks for sharing.  I'm researching the process in the hope to publish an adult coloring book.  Thanks

carda5967 says:

I really enjoyed this video. It was informative and Meg is delightful. Both of you are ..Thank you!

MidnightBlueOwl says:

Wow! Thanks for sharing! Lots of useful info in this interview. I've taken notes for when I'm ready to try my hand at producing a colouring book too! 😀

Gary Swaby says:

This sounds like a good one. Going to listen.

Andre Khrisna Adityo Priyono says:

I think I should have one too, with many beautiful sceneries here in Indonesia 😉
Thanks, Joan & Meg! <3

Krista Kubie says:

Thank you for this interview!

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