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How To Publish A Book On Amazon Kindle and Build a Massive List

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Did you ever want to know how to easily and quickly self publish your book on amazon Kindle? Creating and publishing a book is in fact a lot easier than most people think. In this video I give you a basic overview of the process. I guide you all the way from researching a book to publishing it on the amazon kdp platform.

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you wanna know what is cheaper than £150 on an electronic book? and battery
replacement every year? and then buying the books themselves for this £150
electronic book?
a £7 book.
wanna know what you can read in sunlight, at the beach, at home, on the
bus, sat against a tree, or anywhere?
a book.
this product has got to be the most pointless thing i have ever seen, go
you little rich people with more money than you know what to do with,
because you just looks like idiots with a pointless product, and extremely

Carl Whittaker says:

3 minutes in its clear you are making money by sending people to your blog
which will no doubt generate you income…..you are the poorest advertising
sales person ive come accross …..id like to give you advice but youre
only in it for the money and you dont deserve it. 

Phillip Kent says:

Video is terrible. Link goes to a paid product. Are you a shoddy marketer
orbam I mistaken?

Bloggs Alot says:

I will give away Kindle books to the first 10 people who contact me in
exchange for a review on Amazon.

Jeff Byer says:

Thanks Andreas, Great content in this videee, I’m going to your blog now to
check it out. Also, thanks for the info in the first part of the video.
Nobody in any of the other video’s on this topic go into detail about what
to write, where to get info to write, and most of all HOW MUCH TO WRITE!!
I’ve been collecting info for KBooks and I find I’ve already written enough
to publish a few. I’m looking forward to reading your guide. Thanks again,

Bill Kasal says:

The link is not working.

Michael Riske says:

I like your background. Is it real?

Abhey Sharan says:


Diego Del Moral says:

Thanks Andreas. Downloaded the free guide and am looking at that Empower
thing now

Kula Jumper- says:

good video

Kelly Beckley says:

Thank you for this guide! Good stuff! I’m a follower now. 😉

Andreas Quintana says:

Thats discribed in the free guide you can download on my blog. Simply click
on the link in the description and you will get there 🙂

arkangelo22 says:

subscribed your channel and favorited your vid 🙂

AllTutorials99 says:

Will you coach me?

Andreas Quintana says:

Just let me know if you need anything 🙂 I am here to help

Johnny R says:

Cannot watch, audio was killing me.

Alexandra Girl says:


flofdez3 says:

tell me more about empower network

SIriya Rath says:

thanks for the free report on your blog

bruna etsse says:

Good stuff!

Paco Aparicio says:

Andreas, I have clicked on your link but where do I download the pdf?

olga shamkina says:

Good information. Do you have any more videos?

Self Publishing says:

Great info!

ItzHelpHere says:

Thanks Andreas. Downloaded the free guide and am looking at that Empower
thing now

2503marc says:

Now I know how to create kindle books 🙂

FaZe Clan says:

How do I format my kindle books?

Andreas Quintana says:

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