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How to Publish a Book on Amazon Kindle – Ebook Publishing School 2.0 Video 2 – (2016 Update)

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In this video, Tom Corson-Knowles, #1 Amazon bestselling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible and founder of TCK Publishing shows you how to publish a book on Amazon Kindle.

Tom walks you through the process of uploading your book to Amazon using the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) dashboard available for free to all authors and publishers. You can sign up for your free KDP account at https://kdp.amazon.com

Note: The free eBook formatting templates for Kindle for fiction and nonfiction are only available for download at http://www.ebookpublishingschool.com

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Get your book published and professionally marketed by TCK Publishing at http://www.tckpublishing.com/publish-your-book/

Get more hands-on Kindle publishing and marketing training in The Complete Kindle Publishing Course: https://www.udemy.com/kindle-publishing-course/


John Toth says:

Tom, it's hard to believe that it's been a month since anyone has posted on your superior "how to" YouTube site. But, I'm glad that I found you and have greatly profited from your wisdom and generosity. You have the gift of "teacher".

As far as my overall purpose in wanting to extend the reach of my message that I created when I self-published in CS in "The Intimate Devotions of Prisoner Named John". I would say that I was a person who was least likely to publish anything like a book, for I was a firm believer in the adage that there was already a plethora of books and that Solomon was right when he said in Ecclesiastes 12:12 "Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body." But, due to a series of adverse circumstances I found myself compelled to create a prayer tool that I could use that allowed me to focus for hours on my spiritual relationship with Father God in a systematic way. I have spent years developing this prayer "tool" further, using the "Lord's Prayer" as a set of topics to create my outline. I recently finished my latest update of my book that I have published on Amazon in paperback. I am updating the Kindle version and your instructions seem to have made it as easy as possible, although I have yet to try it. If all goes according to plan, using your valuable experience, I hope to deliver an updated meditative tool that will enhance the relationship of millions of people with their heavenly Father. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your valuable information which allows me to make the necessary changes in my book and not be dependent on CS's expensive services each time I do so.

Plus, I would love to receive your book that you advertised. I plan to listen to the next video in the series, on marketing, asap.

Maria Mitea says:

The best video on this subject. So happy to find it ! Great presentation! Thanks a lot Tom!

jammalamadugu rangan says:

This is a good video on selfpublishing egooks on Amazon.What would I like you to come up with :Typical clues for book title that would get some sales,what tips you can give for the cover page of the book,How effective pictures and photos and also statical info if it is a scientific book.Thanks a lot.good luck Rangan.Follow me on Twitter @Jammalamadugu

Chuck Wagon Wanda says:

Tom, thank you so much for your willingness to share this information. It is just what I needed – encouragement. I see "tales from the ranch" on the horizon.

Roy Naraine says:

Great pedagogical and presentation skills. Thank you Tom.

Agnes Chiang says:

Tom, thank you for such a thorough explanation plus more. I have understood a lot more now. Looking forward to you next video, because I just finished my first non fiction book pending upload to Amazon and sales strategy. God bless you for your sincerity. 🤞🙏

EmergingSpeakers says:

Thanks Tom. Very useful info. I have written a support group format recovery group program for those recovering from anxiety and depression. I'm hoping it goes world-wide, helping millions take back control of their lives.

Fishy Bank says:

Thank you so much for this information Tom..you have given me the push that I needed,showing me that dreams of becoming a published author is possible!

Verne Wheeler says:

Thanks Tom! You asked what my purpose is in writing? I am getting old, have arthritis in my hands, have had recent strokes so I have had to change my work efforts due to my physical limitations. I realize that many others have had similar problems, but there are work around solutions which I have begun utilizing, and I decided to write and publish to spread the word in order to help others, and hopefully establish an alternate stream of income. Your videos are a wonderful source of information and inspiration to us all!

ThePsalmReader150 says:

Thanks Tom, how do you market on KDP select, after 90 days it renews?? but can I promote on my website? promote on youtube?

Jack Regan says:

Great stuff, Tom. Thanks

Patrick Benadie says:

Hi Tom.After i published i see about 6 chapters of my book visible on the "look inside"function.it's a lot of pages. How do one reduce the amount of visible chapters.Nb:Published as a eBook. I cant find any info. Appreciate your work,if it wasn't for you this book wouldn't have happened.

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