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How To Publish A Children’s Picture Book With Amazon

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In today’s video, I’ll be featuring my new children’s book: “The Adventures of the Gween Gwob: There’s No Place Like Home!” I used a bunch of Adobe programs, like InDesign, Illustrator, and After Effects, so If you have any additional questions about those also, just ask!

Available on Amazon! – http://a.co/6KA4ryT

Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/MPOt_8O-ptw
How to Format an eBook: https://youtu.be/SYP-VqpkI8k
How to Make an Audiobook: https://youtu.be/2t33KZNxfV0

Where you can find my books: http://www.amazon.com/Brista-Drake/e/B00YZGC792/ref=ntt_dp

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WritingMime

Tumblr: http://writingmime.tumblr.com/

Writing Blogs: http://writingmime.blogspot.com/


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/22704883-writingmime


Becca Georgeson says:

Hello, this was very helpful. I wrote a childrens book but was unsure how to place my pictures i have done on to my work. What program are you useing? Did it coast anything to get the program? If you could let me know that would be great. I would love to get my book out their for others to read. Thank you and have a great day.

Kaylas Travels says:

i love your book and i want mine to look as cool as yours. can you please tell me what videos you watched to learn how to use in design? i wrote a book and drew pictures on my ipad and my mum said she will by illustrator and indesign for me so i can publish my book.

my book is about a little girl who travels the whole world and at the end are all my pictures of travelling the world

this is my instagram

if you could tell me how you learned to use illustrator i would be so happy
thank you

Amanda Caldera says:

Do all your pages need to be from the same file?

currantheoriginal1 says:

Thank you for your video…..this was very helpful….I AM venturing to get my children's book out there without spending thousands of dollars…..your video will help me do this…..namaste

Cindy Wider says:

This is such a fun and easy explanation about how to publish through Amazon. I have several Learn to draw tutorial books on there, but I am about to begin publishing an entire series of Children's picture books and am considering Createspace again, however I felt that the pages were great for tutorials but wasn't sure about childrens picture books. Your books look fantastic! I love the beautiful glossy and thick pages, please could you tell me which option you selected for the pages.

Jeffrey Webster says:

Brista — May I take advantage of your generous nature with a few more questions? My illustrator and I may be overthinking the whole thing.
1. File size – does amazon charge for hosting a large file – 6 Mg, for example? We can’t find this info on the KDP site.
2. Do you always size your digital files for the 10 Kindle.”
3. Are the specs for your illustrations different for your ebook vs. your print book.
4. If your book was out of print on Amazon, you must be pre-printing vs. print-on-demand. Who is printing it?
Thank you very much!

G Dominguez says:

Hi! What was the cost for putting the book on amazon? Did you have to order a minimum amount?

Maggie Neck says:

Wow, I am super impressed by your repsonses to all of these comments (even questions answered in the video haha) and it was very helpful to read them! I am wondering if approaching publishers or self-publishing is the best route for me at his point with my first children’s book. Did you feel like the $ was more or less than you expected going in? If you had to do it over again, and with your future books, will you continue to self-publish or do you want to eventually end up on shelves in stores?

David Gregory says:

Hi! Thanks for the video! Very useful 🙂 How do i add a back cover?

Jeffrey Webster says:

Great video for a newbie. Thank you, Brista! I'm excited about getting ready to publish my first picture book. I noticed that the "Gween Gwob" is not longer available in print on Amazon. Was that not as profitable as the Kindle version? What was your price for the print version? Thank you for being so generous with your time, talent, and knowledge!

elizabeth bullock says:

hi great video and book. and i have to say im also like one of youre commenters here, a dinosaur when it comes to doing this sort of thing. i wonder could you perhaps advise me? i have written a book for children in word and having illustrtaed my own pictures am trying to edit in word, i cannot do it at all. i want to do an ebook for amazon or create word as you suggested, and i want to know if create word is necessary to use? and also i want to do a hard copy. i a m struggling and get tired really quickly, any help would be much appreciated. thankyou

Fireball Tim Lawrence says:

Great vid! Createspace is the best and we are on our 12th Book and more coming! An excellent way to create passive income. http://www.fireballtim.com

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