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How To Publish A Kindle eBook Today On Amazon

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Start Making Money With Kindle Publishing:

Ever wonder how to publish a Kindle eBook on Amazon?

It’s fairly easy. All you need is a KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account, which is free and available to anyone anywhere in the world.

In this video blog, I’m going to show you step-by-step how to publish a Kindle eBook and get started selling on Amazon.

However, keep in mind, publishing your book is the easy part. The real keys to success with Kindle publishing are marketing and promoting your book, to generate sales and have lasting success. These are the master skills of a Kindle publisher that will make you money with your Kindle eBook, which is taught inside my K Money Mastery course.

Watch the video below to learn exactly how to publish your own Kindle eBook on Amazon.

Want to learn step-by-step how to start making money with Kindle publishing?

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How To Publish A Kindle eBook Today On Amazon




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Angirson Lopez says:

I'm writing my book on an app, Can I still publish?

Gerald W says:

Great job.
Question: Is it best to download to KDP an eBook and paperback?

AbdulKarim Alabi says:

Hi Stefan. Love what you do. Are the contents of this video still relevant in 2016? Still deliberating whether to sign up for your course. I'm tempted but often skeptical about these things as there are so many of these videos on Youtube from others.

sankalpa ray says:

Thanks for this video. It's very helpful and one day I will try it.

Aamir Khan says:

A superb video that I hadn't watched yet.
Thanks for making such a nice explanation.

Google side says:

Nice video

Matouš Rýdel says:

Hi there, could you help me pls? Im watching your videos and its realy helpfull! But Im befor publishing my first book and I cant chose 70% royalty. I just cant click on it. Why? Thank you if you ll help me and sorry because of my lvl of english its my third language 😀 Thanks!!§ Matthew

Nosca Khalid says:

Hi! Thank you…you are very helpful but I can’t pass the initial stages. It keeps saying that my info is incomplete. 1) Philippine is not listed so how do I provide KDP with a bank account? 2) I am a Filipino living and working in Saudi Arabia. Do I have to fill the tax info even if I am not an American? Thanks!

Nick Vasiliades says:

Most helpful video I've watched yet on KDP info. Thanks.

sweetie pies says:

Is there anything you CAN do in life without having to be a social networking and marketing nerd…i hate advertising and truly hate social media, never even looked at facebook, reddit, instagram, just can't see the attraction of these things, i just want to write and get left alone.

econhelpneeded says:

Hey Stefan, I really enjoyed your video and it showed the exact steps I was expecting. It is a confidence-builder to see it work the way you thought it would.

My problem is the other step called "create a table of contents." I am going to read that part again but I would love to see a video on that part. Could you post something on your blog about that – and soon? I need to get my book up.

I spent a lot of hours getting the book together, formatting and revising – only to hit a roadblock trying to get it online so I am NOT a happy camper!

Roger Roger says:

Thanks so much Stefan! really keen now!:)

Asiful Islam says:

can we get a soft bound copy..?

Aima ibrahim says:

hey stefan what does it mean by "Book content file" ???

نورالدين اليعقوبي says:

THANK YOU WELL ! what's the format of ebook ! how can i publish word document or pdf ore what ..

Dannis Marc says:

I think when choosing pen names you should search if someone else trademarked the same name

WeddingFILMSByLisa says:

Is it possible to embed video within a kindle book?

Learn Something New Today says:

any tips about the new prl on books uploaded as i uploaded a book and it was turned down as they stated it was under prl and had numerous variations and they no longer sell these types of book ? help please ty

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