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How to Publish an eBook for Free in 2017 – Step by Step Guide

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More resources for self-publishers: https://wordwave.pub

This video guide will walk you through the process of uploading an eBook to Amazon through the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. You’ll get some tips on Amazon SEO and keyword optimising the title of your kindle book. I also go into choosing categories, pricing your kindle book and more.

In answer to some of the most frequently asked questions…

– Do you need to have your ebook in kindle format (.mobi)?
No you do not, a simple Microsoft Word file will do fine. However, if you want to use a mobi file that is also a viable option.

– How do I format my ebook for Amazon KDP?
In short, do not use headers, footers or borders. Use page breaks, headings, bulletpoints etc.

– Should I enroll in KDP Select?
It depends 🙂


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Fred Farmer says:

Why … why in the fresh hell name of GOD… does it sound like you're eating?!?!
You'd never do that… would you? Not with people listening with ear buds in their ears..

You have a lot of good information, and I thank you.
After a long period though, I concluded … maybe you just like to make smacking little noises with your mouth .. as if you're accenting the end of a sentence. A watery … "smack" … in our ears …. at the … end… of EACH sentence.

Fine form youg man… truly find form…

JHades Dev says:

Great video, subscribed! One important thing: it's like you are eating something during the video, it's a bit distracting although not a huge problem. I think your mouth is very close to the microphone and we hear a lot of swallowing and spit crackle in the first part of the video. It's just a detail the content is great, keep them coming!

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