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How to Publish and Sell your Book on Createspace

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Sign up for a free account to self-publish on Createspace here http://www.jdoqocy.com/click-5362081-10801883 and sell on Amazon and other worldwide channels. To download Open Office Portable for free click here http://portable-openoffice-org.en.softonic.com/


k odu says:

Cool stuff. Time to start. 

Laura Page says:

What a wonderful job of explaining how to use Create Space! It has been my
lifes dream to write books. What a weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank

23KingKJ says:

This explanation of this website create space has been the best explanation
I have ever seen in a long time. I’m a self publishing a little fender put
out my first book I wish I would have known about this site before I signed
up with the company before the rest of my books that I do get ready to
print I will come to create space. You don’t know awesome job explaining
how everything works so now I feel more comfortable using the website in
its entirety to publish my future books. thank you

tlaborn says:

This was VERY Helpful, thank you so much for this.

lubens Tondereau says:

Hi. I highly appreciate this vídeo about publishing on createspace
amazon..so thks a lot for the information exposed in this vídeo especially
about the differants loyatees one can get or can choose.but i need to ask
for some more. Could you please show in another vídeo how to publish a
cómic book¿. I mean,are there special tools for that or had some people
even did that kind of publishing before¿ thks.so much.

Aleem Yatali says:

Hi. is this available to persons outside the U.S? 

iHeartKitty says:

Hello, Alicia!
My mother is fretting about you guys asking for her SSN. Is this safe to do?
Thank you!!!

jendunn says:

Thanks so much for this in depth video. I am inspired to go start writing

La Shonda Brown says:

Hi. Very informative. However I wrote a book of poetry and I’m wondering
how will I go by putting one poem on each page. I’m very concerned about
create space just making it one paragraph after another like a regular
book. Is there a way I can go by insuring this? 

Elisavet Vaina says:

Hi, Alicia, very helpful information!
It sound easy and painfree! Some practical questions. When I signed in they
required some Tax & Business Information wherein they need some Tax
identification number. I am a EU-Union citizen. For the European Union
(EU) Tax Information you need LUX VAT Registration Number
When clicking the LUX VAT “what’s this” link it says
“If you have a Luxembourg Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration Number please
enter it here Leave this blank if you are not Luxembourg VAT registered.”
I do not know what this is.
I live in Greece. Do I have still have fill in this information.
Can anybody help me? 

Kerione Bryan says:

hi Alicia, i love ur video…i’m currently working on a paper back book
with create space…i’ve downloaded the 6×9 template and its going
good…but what advice can u give me about formatting and uploading the
file as an ebook to amazon.

Uncontrollable E.W.A says:

can you make money from it

Amy Trainer says:

you pronounced files wrong, you said fowls, hahahahaha

LU WANG says:

Hello Miss Workersonboard, thank you for your video, it is very helpful. I
have one question. Can we self published book with CD binding together not
separately on createspace? Thank you.

Ivana Vereen says:

Hi Alicia, this video is right on time I can’t tell you how much I been
through to get to this point but I am glad to finally be here. I wrote my
book and finished it a while ago I guess I am just trying to find the best
way to publish it, you have helped me in a big way. After creating an
account with create space when do I have to pay something in this process,
like for my own books and would I be paying for them to upload it as an
Ebook, please forgive me I don’t know anything about this process but I
have this burning desire to write and help people.

Ronshekia Brown says:

hey..i have been trying to get my book published. so glad I ran into this
video. I was wondering how successful has your income been with this site?
I really want to become an established author but want to know if I will be
receiving profit if I use this site

iann martinez says:

hi can you make a video on how to upload a graphic novel,comic or manga on
createspace it would be very helpfull for a lot of people thanks.

Iam Atarah says:

you are very helpful thanks for all of the information that you provide for

Vasanth shady says:

Can I Receive my royalties if I’m in India? And can I place my order on
this site though I’m in India ?

Steven West says:
Brett Carter says:

I’m trying to get my book on Amazon (Kindle and Print on Demand). What is
the consequences of the two (2) royalty rates (70 vs 35%). I want to list
my ebook at $3.17. I don’t know what to list my paper back as.

jt-maxx Blackman says:

My name is Michael Mitchell I write poems I wrote my debut book it is
called My life looking deeper into my heart it costs $10.00 on createspace
estore thanks and peace.

Nurin Adenan says:

May I know how did you get your royalties? Is it by Paypal or check? If it
is by Paypal, can I still get my royalties after I’ve published my book
eventhough I’m from Singapore?

Shari Penn says:

Is there a minimum amount of pages you have to upload? I know other
self-publishing sites require 20 pages. 

Alicia Washington says:
Catdaddymurph says:

Thank you so much.

Martin Hurley says:

I’m still learning — wow heaps to learn to publish a POD. First questions
that pop up are what font is recommended (or you use) for the book
(text/titles etc) and what size do you use for your books? (ie: 8×10″ or
something different?) Thanks :o)

dwelesmom says:

Do these companies compensate you for marketing? If not, I think they
should. Free advertising to all your subscribers and anyone who happens
upon you like I did on Google…..ijs.

Z39hyrr says:

Very much so, thank you. I should begin writing my book on Wednesday.

Kristen Jennifer says:

Love this idea.

Charla Renee says:

After the book is published who owns the rights to it? Createspace??? Also,
should it be copywritten before it’s put on Createspace?

Workersonboard says:

You will keep all rights to your work. You are simply using Createspace to
publish your work. Yes you can register the book before you publish it on
Createspace if you want to.

Workersonboard says:

Congratulations to you! I am so excited for you. Please let me know if you
encounter any problems.

Workersonboard says:

No they don’t actually. It would be nice if they did but I am happy to
share what little I know or have tried with others.

Workersonboard says:

Thank you for your comments.

Workersonboard says:

Thank you for watching.

Rob West says:

I agree

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