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How to Publish Your Book, Novel, or Short Story, Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishers

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How to Publish Your Book, Novel, or Short Story, Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishers

In this video fiction author George Weir gives you information about how to publish your book. He discusses the various option you have– self publishing or going the traditional route with a publisher. This video has lots of helpful tips and will help you look at publishing realistically.

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Slinkylabcat says:

Lookit, Mr. Truth: I’m 47, and generally don’t rub noses with people. I
think my stories are good. There’s no way I’m going to be nice to people,
beg to get my junk published. What world you live in? Fuckin’ homo.. 

Plipo Gamez says:

Thanks for the info. I’ll send you an excellent bottle of Whiskey when I
make my first million from my book.

Ireland Ranger says:

Thanks so much for posting this…I love writing but I would also like to
share my work. However, until now I truly had no idea just HOW to do that.
Thank you!

Amelia Ash says:

How old do you have to be to publish a book? I’m 10 and I love writing

Derringer Boyd says:

I’m only 13 years old and I have written many great stories and also won
many state awards( I live in Texas by the way). My school teachers are
excited to have me in their class. Anyways, I just started writing my first
actual story outside of school an I am wondering if when I finish my story,
will the agents and publishing companies put me down and reject me because
I am under 18?!? The story I am writing is a fantasy/adventure story. What
inspired me to start writing it is because part of the story is my dream.
So It would be almost be as good as my dream if I could get it published.
And one more question; are all the agents the same as each other and all
like only one or two topics, like the Oscars only give awards to drama

Zuotang Zhang says:

Thank you for sharing. It is very useful. I am looking forward to listening
to more of your youtube posts.

naru hina says:

thanks dude you help a lot :)

Benjamin Chapin says:

Thanks for the information, very insightful into the world of traditional
publishing. I prefer to go the self-publishing route and if it catches
fire, you’ll get picked up along the way.

Linga Lilley says:

Thank you.


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Jo Go says:

Love self-publishers. If you want a great ebook cover designed for you,
check out http://fiverr.com/msjag416. You won’t pay more than $10.00.

Robin Adams says:

Writing a book should be the hardest and most important part of the
Literary profession. Hearing of the myriads of obstacles tells me
different. The intentional stumbling blocks placed in front of writers’
success is absolutely absurd. 

Bryan Nicolas says:

Good lecture

Diego Torres says:

interesting…very informative, thanks.

Crystal Teague says:

I enjoyed watching this video. It gave really good advice and helped a lot.
It has always been a dream of mine to write a book because I live to read
and write. And I would love to share my passion with others.

Zenobia Nabors says:

Very informative

maritza pmarte says:

I have written something on the books ihave written but I am not sure if
its good in of
for a script . I have written a book but i have gotten excellent response
on some of the book. I have hope but still need work in the script . I need
some help in script writing i have what it take s in writting book but
never wrote a script.can you help .maritzapmarte@gmail.com

Heather Fraughton says:

It would be nice to simplify my life, and just be myself, a writer. Instead
of a nurse who must write. 

James Davenport says:

The “Trying To Get Published” game really is one of extreme patience. I’d
say you have to believe in your words, or at the very least, your stories,
and never-ever-ever-ever quit fighting for them. I don’t know if I’m the
“greatest writer” in a technical/mechanical sense (the fabric of putting
words together, my poetry is much better, IMO ) but I’d say I’m “hungry” to
tell stories, my head is filled-to-bursting with so many worlds, I just
want others to see these places in their heads too. I never feel the “means
of conveyance” the words, the sentences, are ever perfect enough, but that
hunger is important. That obsession to reveal these worlds in your head is
what will drive you forward through the wastelands of rejection. You have
to believe in these worlds more than anything, because there’s no guarantee
anyone else will.

superstrongholdkapo says:

Nice Background.

westbrazos says:

I am a writer,however,not a fiction writer.I want to publish my work.I’ll
to work on this publishing thing.Sounds complicated.My biggest concern is
not getting it looked at by a publisher.My concern is having my work stolen.
Without it being published,it is open season on someone else taking credit
for it.I’d almost bet there are as many vultures out there as honest
joes.Am I right?

maritza pmarte says:

grateful for your sugestions in literyagents. maritzapmarte

TheShadoes4321 says:

Personally, I’m a soul writer ( a writer who writes just for the joy of
it.) but I have published a work on Amazon KDP. It’s call The Tablet by
Xavier McDougle. Check it out if want

Carey The Writer Anderson says:

Thank you Greg, I was wondering about the process. And it seems as though
my best chance for success is to self publish. I hate that I’m totally
ignorant to this process.

hanram_blast says:

@digitalzim lol queer letter

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