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How to publish your book (self publishing vs. literary agent/publisher)

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Kaia Van Zandt, author of Written in the Ashes, shares her insights on publishing in her epic, often painful 10+ year publishing journey as a self-published author to getting her book optioned for film by an Academy Award winning producer, to being picked up by Harper Collins. Every book has a different journey– this video will help you decide what’s right for you, and where to put your energy toward publication: on a traditional agent/publisher or self-publishing route. Please ask any questions you may have below!


Ani Wilson says:

Loved this advice. Thanks Kaia! I've also had VERY mixed experiences with the world of publishing. This video was so refreshing!

Tara V says:

wow your book sounds amazing. i just watched the film Cleopatra where they burn the library. glad your time came! and that you helped add to the new genre – Visionary Fiction!

Shannon Peck says:

It's almost unbelievable to hear of someone today who is so devoted, dedicated, tenacious, and who applies so much humility and wisdom towards to worthy goal! I'm inspired! Having read Written In The Ashes, I already know what a great story teller you are! Keep those great stories coming. Love em!

Stuart Volkow says:

Every aspiring author should watch Kaia's video blogs on book publishing!

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