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How to Publish your eBook on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing [KDP]

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This video tutorial will explain how to publish your MOBI/KF8 eBook or .docx manuscript through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing [KDP]. The process is the same for small presses and indie publishers.

[0:05] Introduction
[0:25] Prerequisites (Manuscript, Cover, KDP Account)
[0:50] Creating a new title
[1:10] KDP Select
[1:50] Entering Title / Sub-Title Book Title
[2:15] Series Naming
[2:40] Edition Numbering
[3:00] Publisher
[3:30] Book Description
[4:45] Adding Contributors (Author is required)
[5:20] Language
[5:30] ISBN (if needed)
[5:55] Publishing Rights
[6:00] Adding Categories
[6:30] Age/Grade Range (Children’s Books Only)
[6:50] Adding Keywords
[7:15] Book Release Option (Preorder or Immediately)
[8:05] Cover Upload
[8:35] Digital Rights Management
[9:30] Uploading Book File (MOBI or Docx)
[10:30] Automatic Spell Checker
[11:20] Online Previewer
[12:20] Verify Publishing Territories
[12:45] Pricing Your eBook
[14:00] Delivery Cost
[15:00] Kindle MatchBook
[15:30] Kindle Book Lending
[16:00] Publish!


Urban Photography says:

Good video Paul,,,story plot sounds good..

KJ Lavan says:

Paul, excellent how-to video. You have helped me make some important decisions based on the nuances you share. Keep adding value…

abdi achref says:

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Tina Forcier says:

Good video. Informative. I was able to follow along with the steps. Thank you. 🙂

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