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How to Publish your eBook to Smashwords.com

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http://www.bookmarkselfpublishing.com/main/self-publishing-topics/ebook-publishing/154-how-to-publish-your-ebook-to-smashwordscom.html In this video we review how authors get publish their ebooks Smashwords. We go over important points about formatting your ebook for uploading to Smashword. We also what you need for a cover and go over the complete upload process. For the complete detailed article on getting your book published to smashword, please visit the link above.


Tessa Schlesinger says:

Horrible tone of voice. You sound like you're going to fall asleep any moment. Also, not interested in what one can't do. Interested in what one must do. Get to the point!

Henri de Feraudy says:

I can barely hear you.

Stan Arnold says:

It was all going well until "Go to the back end and upload your manuscript…" (8:14) What is the back end? I know from experience (a few years' back) that uploading to Smashwords is a dreadful experience. I must have wasted about 12 hours at least. I just try this and that until suddenly, they say OK, you're published. Then I go into a dark room for a couple of days and try and wipe my brain clean. They are nice, helpful people but the writing in their Smashwords Guide is terrible. I'm a pro copywriter. Compare this with uploading a book to amazon which is a straightforward 5-minute job. So now I'mm off to find out what the 'back end' of ┬áthe Smashwords site is.

quentin ginsburg says:

Thanks for your effort , very well explained !

Simon Vadsholt says:

Is this 100% free?

12 Dreams Full says:

Buy Smashwords not only place your book in Amazon but with Barns Noble and iBookstore and others. So how is it thay your book gets less exposure with them than Amazon?

CurvyCoco1908 says:

This was perfect! I so enjoyed this video.

Tom Heatherington says:

The main problem for many authors when considering uploading their eBook to Smashwords is that they don''t have the same market size as Amazon, but it's quite helpful in other ways.

Marsha L. Randolph says:

@georgehalo123 Since my original post I have met many authors who are very satisfied with Smashwords, myself include.

Marsha L. Randolph says:

It is easy to go on the internet and declare "I have not been paid". With the number of authors Smashwords has somebody is getting paid. Perhaps if you have not recieved money you are either miscalculating what is due or you have missed a step somewhere. In the even that you have truly been wronged once the situation is corrected it would be nice to post. BTW they are hiring new people. GREAT PRESENATION it really helped.

BookmarkSelfPublish says:

@eatmetoday23 Sounds like Smashwords might be getting too big too fast and support may be starting to suffer from it. Have you tried to contact them by other channels? They have a blog you can comment on and Facebook page. In the past I've found Facebook an excellent way to get in contact with people higher up in companies.
Mark Coker, the owner of Smashwords, also has a Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account. You can also try contacting him. All the links can be found on there blog.

BookmarkSelfPublish says:

@eatmetoday23 How much do they owe you?

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