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How to Self Publish: 7 common self publishing mistakes

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This short video outlines the 7 common mistakes new authors make when publishing a book. If you want to have any chance of making your book a success, you would do well to heed the advice in this video!

Self publishing is not difficult or impossible, it is just that when it comes down to it, novices make some common mistakes based on flawed assumptions. So this 4 minute video will help you demystify a lot of common misconceptions about successfully writing and publishing a book.

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Our mission is to empower people to get published and give them the marketing power of a large publishing house that was reserved previously for the few.

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Bookpal says:

Thanks Jeanette!

Bookpal says:

Some of his early books were self published: Quote from horrorking. com

"There were many short stories written by King during these formative years, and many were actually published by the company called "Triad and Gaslight Books". The publishers were actually Stephen and David King, along with Chris Chesley. The last of these self published works was the 2 part, 3000 word "The Star Invaders"."

He also self published a book called the Plant and another "Riding the Bullet" in 2000

www.smashyourmortgage.com says:

I have to agree with the mistakes, Personally I have only everdone e-Books.

Then I get a few books printed as Gifts at Talks. They might be more exspensive per unit.

However I have found people very positive, to have the ebook

Roman Astapov says:

My favourite part – "If self-publishing is good enough for guys like Mark Twain, John Grisham… self-publishing might work for you too!"
If you need printing company – send us request at export@printgroup.lv

Jeanette Vaughan says:

Great Love this video….check out my book trailer. FLYING SOLO is getting great reviews. Check it out! You motivated me! Check out trailer on youtube!

butcherscott says:

mmm pretty sure stephen king was anything but self published.

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